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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Select Your Candidate!

My old roommate, Aubrey, sent me this link. It's cool. It tells you what 2008 Presidential Candidate you should back based soley on your beliefs of core issues. Every candidate's views are scored against your own.

Here were my results.

It turns out I am supposed to vote for Duncan Hunter (33). Second best bet - Mitt Romney (29), although strangely enough I disagreed with just as many as his views as I agreed with, but the ones we agree on are seemingly more important to me. Fred Thompson got a 28 from me - he WAS really good on Law & Order. Strangely Mike Huckabee got a 20 - although, I think he's a little nuts. McCain got a 26, Hillary got a 14 and Obama got a 9. Apparently, if I vote for Mike Gravel (3 - whoever that is), the only thing we agree on is taxes.

I have to admit that I was nervous and relieved that I don't just dislike Hillary Clinton's voice and naggy argumentative style of politics, I ACTUALLY don't agree basically at all with her views. Whew!

It really is a cool site. Let me know what your results are. I'd love to know who everyone is voting for.

Equally entertaining is this link: sent to me by my friend Brooke. I wish I could gauge my score with this politico... I am pretty sure he'd at least score in the double digits with me! Thanks B! - P.S. Don't you blog anymore? Every time I open your page I see 'What happens in 'Tonio' - it needs to change someday, right?


ThomCarter said...

Duncan Hunter huh . . . that means that you are really really conservative. Congratulations on that.

I am voting for an US American who is from the North East and is fiscally conservative.

Clean Slate said...

Apparently I need to start paying attention to the debates. I've never heard of the guy at the top of my list--Chris Dodd. Seeing as how we disagree on the most important things to me and agree on everything else, I still won't be voting for him. Next up are Mitt and Fred in a tie.

Naco said...

Ha, ha...looks like Hiliary's the one for me: 35 trailing w/34 by John Edwards.