To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, January 28, 2008

Moving Day!

So, this weekend I moved! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new house. It's to die for cute. But, I am exhausted! Seriously, moving is ROUGH!

We had MANY great moments, really funny times. But, first I must say that I believe vehemently that I deserve accolades on how freakishly strong I am AND I deserve an honorary Class B Commercial Semi-truck driver's license for being able to back out the flat bed truck without munching any other vehicles or people! And Wendy deserves snaps for having the most flexible toenails that the world has ever seen. And, Aaron deserves snaps for being an eye doctor in-training AND an on-call Podiatrist AND having the most hilarious singing voice EVER. Helaman was the master of the heater (until Wendy turned it off and the “general warmth" issues began. Erik and Mike fell in love, but wouldn’t hug… much to my chagrin. But, I did get called a princess by Erik and received a nice backrub from Mike. All that pointing my finger to tell the boys where to put things really put a lot of strain on my back! Brian has an impressive freakishly long torso, one that people should pay a dollar to see at the carnival and one we documented for good measure. Robin was notably the most powerful persuasive Moving Nazi, but a REALLY fun and well organized one, I just wish she'd let us sit down JUST ONCE. Aaron says she’s not overbearing… so I am sending her to his house next! Together Robin and Brian made the most worthless painting assistants EVER, constantly shattering my visions and dreams, but also providing entertainment. And, Marci has such great list writing skills. Ok, go ahead... let me hear how impressed you all are...

Here are a bunch of thoughts, conversations and quotes from moving day...

~On Saturday evening I was sick of looking and feeling like the semi-truck driver I was, so I took a shower, it was 100% cold and all I had was facial cleanser - the end... no shampoo or conditioner or body soap. Have you ever taken a shower using entirely facial cleanser? I don't advise it, it's creepy and expensive!~

B. Esplin: "What color are you painting this room?"
Ali: "Moonlight Dance."
B. Esplin: "Um, is that what you call white?"
Ali: Nope, it's grayish white.
B. Esplin: Ok, so it's white.
Ali: No, it's definitely not white.
B. Whatever, it's white. And, I am pretty sure you’re going to need to do another coat.
Ali: Stop shattering my dreams!

B. Esplin proving to us that he DOES in fact have "girl legs and a man torso".

~"You know how most people OCASSIONALLY go to the mall and sometimes they find things that are cute and sometimes they buy them, but sometimes they don't. I ALWAYS go to the mall and I don't think I have ever seen something cute and NOT bought it. I think I bought everything that was EVER sold" - Ali~

Robin: "I've decided to throw away all this and give these things away!" (as she totes a large garbage bag full of various and sundry things that I purchased - SINCE EVERYTHING THAT WAS EVER SOLD I PURCHASED!) Thus, earning her the new moniker "Moving Nazi". Wendy and I both had a healthy fear of her.

Aaron: Why do you have Murray's Pomade?
Ali: I read somewhere it was supposed to be really good.
Aaron: Yea, really good for black people. Do you see the guy with the afro on the lid? What in the world do you need it for?
(I had no response, because I was doubled over laughing, he's right, it's totally made for African Americans.)

Helaman: Why do they [Wendy, Robin and I] keep saying 'Remember when...' to things that happened like 5 minutes ago?
Aaron: That's just what they say before they say ANYTHING else.

~"Look how well all of our movers are getting along. Do you think they'd all hug each other if I asked them to?" - Ali ~

~ As much as we LOVE LOVE LOVE the house, there are a few 'money pit' issues, so we had Marci make us a list of issues to take up with our Argentinean Landlord - who neither Wendy or I can remotely understand. The list was as follows: "(1) bugs, (2) bathroom paint job??? (3) leaky toilet (4) heaters (5) hot water - warmth in general." ~

Erik: "Can you please stop having conversations, I really don't want to be here all day." (He CLEARLY didn't like that Robin and I had to debrief everything every 10 minutes.)

As soon as the 46" TV was hooked up (thanks to Aaron) all the boys became a little worthless. I came down the stairs from my all facial cleanser shower and they were sitting in camping chairs watching football... I was really tired and so sad that in my house there was not a stitch of furniture, but there was a big ole' TV. It totally looked like a bachelor pad. The boys did not understand why I was gravely disappointed and one of them said "what's wrong, you have 3 remotes, what could be a bigger turn on than that?" Wendy and I held them all at the same time and concluded that none of them turned us on at all! And, even after my long tutorial, I still have no earthly idea how to turn on my highly impressive TV.

Today I was so tired my boss told me that I was walking like an old lady! It was an exhausting weekend. But, I laughed often and hard thanks to the aforementioned situations and Aaron's singing, which never ceased to make me laugh out loud.

But, even after the pain and anguish the move inflicted on us, I am thinking of moving again next weekend, just so I can spend the entire day with these 4 again.

Can you really blame me?

Friday, January 25, 2008


Work has been so BEYOND stressful for me these last few weeks.

That's why I am leaving next month to stay at this place for a week ....

on the Isla de Vieques (Puerto Rico).


Just when I think my family can't get any better...

... they have more kids and totally redeem themselves.

Jenn, I hope you don't mind, but I have to brag about my new nephew.

Gabriel Alexander Miller - can't wait to meet you!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Might have to "quit" Heath

So, Heath Ledger died. Which is REALLY sad. I LOVED him in 10 Things I hate About You (which is actually a really good movie, with a really good soundtrack).

But, I digress. So, anytime something happens in Hollywood, J. Flo, my favorite work cohort, and I start doing internet investigation work. We always end up REALLY far from where we started. We were trying to find out exactly what happened to Heath. And, somehow we ended up trying to find out which celebrities were born on our birthdays.

My list is PATHETIC!!! I am thinking of lying about my birthday from now on.
Charles Manson! Neil Young! Tanya Harding! - I'll take someone aggressive for $1000 Alex! Come on!!!

I also have Nadia Comaneci - now that's better, she got a perfect 10! Nice. Way better than the one who caned the horse-face girl in ice skating, right? Plus, we saw her in the flesh at Sea World when I was like 7 or something. Jennica still has her autograph.

I also got Megan Mullally and David Schwimmer - who are HILARIOUS!

Anne Hathaway and Ryan Gosling - they're both pretty cool I guess.

And, then I get Grace Kelly! Yea! Finally a real legend.

And, a little less famous, but far more impressive, my older twin-sister-6-years-removed - Kimberly Brinkerhoff Jones!

Guess it's not all bad.

Try it

But, for real, anyone figure out how Heath Ledger died yet?

Monday, January 21, 2008


This weekend and I ran into some old friends of mine. I was bumping around and doing some Saturday errands, so I was just wearing jeans and this shirt that I got for Christmas that says "Marathon Girl" across the chest. And, of course I got the question I always get "Are you married yet?" - oh wait not that one... "Are you still running?" Korie and Brock and I started talking about running.

The truth is I am SO LAZY lately! The atrophy has caused most of my clothes to look goofy on me (the amazing amount of stress and 3-week illness were contributors as well, I presume). I am supposed to run the Saint George Marathon this year (that is if I get in). And, the truth is I can't seem to get motivated to run at all! I ran on Christmas morning with my baby brother (that was a month ago right?) And, then I ran on Saturday. I only WANTED to run 3 miles, but it turns out I locked myself out - what... I am bright like that! So, I ended up running 4.5 because I had to turn around and run to Robin's house.

So, here's the proposition. Who wants me to pay them to chase me? With a hatchet or something scary, so I might run?!? Or maybe someone could run in front of me with a bag of skittles containing only the yummy green ones solely available in the 'carnival' bag? Any takers?

Please, anyone!?! The ox is in the mire! I NEED to start training!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A little late...

... but, better late than never, right???

Yesterday my sister, Jennica, made me an aunt (for the 10th time!) Baby Boy Miller (soon to be named, we hope) made his way into the world yesterday afternoon. After 20-some-odd hours of labor (yikes - kind of makes me want to rent kids) he arrived via C-section. He weighed 8 pounds and some-odd ounces (I really should pay more attention to details. I am a girl after all, right?)

… he arrived 5 days after his expected due date!

... and about 3 weeks too late to perform his desired duties as baby Jesus in the Brinkerhoff brood's rendition of the nativity (starring 5 kids under the age of 7!)

Here is the blessed cast!


As you could imagine, the nativity narration lasted all of 2.5 minutes. The angel wouldn't sit still and the Shepherd kept leaving to get cookies.

As you can see, we needed another boy! Our version of Joseph was clearly taken out of the 5th Gospel! What can you do? And, if they decide to name him Gabriel (which is an option), that would ironically make him an even more fitting prospect for the nativity by both name and gender for one of the versions out of the 4 gospels - one we hoped to have but weren't able to, given his untimely arrival!

But aren't they to die for???

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My New House!

That's right... I am moving AGAIN (at least my boss thinks I move a lot).
But, we found the cutest little house and I couldn't refuse. It has so many rooms! (3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry room - not just closet, but entire room, kitchen AND dining room, living room) - for just Wendy and I. AND the best part is that we have a front yard AND a backyard! We get hard wood floors too! I LOVE it.
So, guess what? I am getting a hammock! I have wanted one FOREVER - just ask Claire. It's so cute!

Here's what it looks like! Isn't it cute!!! I don't know if I can wait 10 days. I kind of want in now!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Select Your Candidate!

My old roommate, Aubrey, sent me this link. It's cool. It tells you what 2008 Presidential Candidate you should back based soley on your beliefs of core issues. Every candidate's views are scored against your own.

Here were my results.

It turns out I am supposed to vote for Duncan Hunter (33). Second best bet - Mitt Romney (29), although strangely enough I disagreed with just as many as his views as I agreed with, but the ones we agree on are seemingly more important to me. Fred Thompson got a 28 from me - he WAS really good on Law & Order. Strangely Mike Huckabee got a 20 - although, I think he's a little nuts. McCain got a 26, Hillary got a 14 and Obama got a 9. Apparently, if I vote for Mike Gravel (3 - whoever that is), the only thing we agree on is taxes.

I have to admit that I was nervous and relieved that I don't just dislike Hillary Clinton's voice and naggy argumentative style of politics, I ACTUALLY don't agree basically at all with her views. Whew!

It really is a cool site. Let me know what your results are. I'd love to know who everyone is voting for.

Equally entertaining is this link: sent to me by my friend Brooke. I wish I could gauge my score with this politico... I am pretty sure he'd at least score in the double digits with me! Thanks B! - P.S. Don't you blog anymore? Every time I open your page I see 'What happens in 'Tonio' - it needs to change someday, right?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fabulous Christmas Beauties

Ok, so this year I scored for Christmas. I REALLY did.

Here are some of my favorite beauties.

This was a gift from my 6-year-old neice Haley!

This was a gift from Maria (the receptionist at my office). I told her she really shouldn't have given me anything. And, I was serious.

But, this has got to be my favorite!

I told my neice Chloe that I wanted a husband who was six feet and made six figures.

I got this guy with no neck and six fingers. Apparently, there was a language barrier between us.

It really was an amazing Christmas.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Not Again!

So, after I had to wake up at 1 AM and truck it to 7-11 in my PJs to get more cough syrup so I could actually sleep, I decided it was time to go to the Doctor.

As, it turns out, I have Bronchitis AGAIN! I can't say I was surprised! Although, I would generally characterize myself as a healthy girl, this is the 3rd time in the past 2 years I've contracted (or something) Bronchitis.

Seems like maybe the Doctor should take something out - or put something in! I mean only chronic smokers and I get Bronchitis this often!

Perhaps it was not a good idea to go camping in frigid weather for New Year's! Too late now!

But, I would like to report that I was able to watch "The Office" all three seasons on DVD in a 5 day span (including all the deleted scenes, bloopers, and some episodes - Namely "Beach Day" and "Safety Training" - numerous times!) Aaaahhhhh... so funny.

I would also like to report that, according to the Doctor's scale and my current wardrobe, for the first time in the history of my life, I lost weight during the holidays. So, I am sure when my lung capacity is restored to 100% and I can actually stay awake long enough to notice, I might be kind of grateful for this 3rd bought!