To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I used to blog more. This I know. I am in one of those phases where I am beyond busy. Yet, when people ask me what's been going on lately, I just stare at them blankly, like they might be speaking to me in Chinese, but they're not. So, I've come up with some answers, in case I keep getting asked that question.

1. I bought a drill. I went to Home Depot and I told them I needed a drill. They asked what kind "not a girl drill, I have one of those, it sucks. I need a real drill. Like a man's drill." They suggested one I could not even lift, let alone operate. "Maybe, lets try a boy drill." I haven't used it yet. But, just looking at it in the box makes me giddy.

2. Ever since I learned Jackie's extension (after 14 months of working at MZT), I barely even leave my chair during the day.

3. The team of kids I get to help coach is getting so much better and few people are sweeter than that bunch. I love it! Go OVHS!

4. I bowled a 118. Mock, if you must, but for me that is a triumph of the grandest proportion.

5. I traded in investing in my wardrobe for investing in the stock market. And, it turns out, I am not too bad at it!

6. I started running again. Before that, I was jogging, and doing that very seldomly. Now, I am running again with the hope that I won't die in the Warrior race I signed up to do in a few weeks. But, in all actuality, it's not the running I am nervous about - it's the obstacle course, which is the main objective of the race. If they have a rope pull, I am going to be the one staring up into the sky looking like I can't possibly do it... because I can't.

7. I bought tickets to see GLEE perform live. I know that I am a nerd, but I am beyond excited.

8. I have eaten my weight in gum.

9. I have let my hair grow to the point in which it's actually long. And, I have also let my roots grow to the point at which I look a bit homeless.

10. In the last 6 weeks I have been to Utah for my grandma's funeral, Mexico for fun, Texas for Olivia's baptism, and next week I'll be in Denver for a hiccup. I can't remember the last time my room didn't have a half-packed suitcase laying on the floor.

11. I got my car washed. Once. Just once. The next day, I didn't recognize that it was mine.

12. I read 5 books - all novels, I NEVER read novels. (The Art of Racing in the Rain, Handle with Care, The Shack, The Summons and The Pact.) I mostly only read when I am on an airplane. So...

13. I decided that giving Obama the benefit of the doubt was NOT a good plan.

14. I bought myself an Easter dress, since my parents no longer do that for me.

15. I saw Captain EO at Disneyland TWICE. It was bad... both times.

And, that's about all I can think of right now.

Monday, March 29, 2010


Elder Uchtdorf gave this talk a while back...

If I remember correctly, it's my niece Haley's favorite. My brother played it at her baptism while she was getting dressed into her dress.

Anyway, my ward is doing a super cool thing. The Relief Society/Young Women are "creating". We are supposed to create something and take photos of it. Today I sent mine in. And, the photos and the story of the creation are going into a book, which we are having made and sent to Elder Uchtdorf... because my ward is cool like that.

I wasn't sure what I was going to create. Because, let's face it, I may be witty and fun, but creative... eek... not so much... actually REALLY not much at all.

So, here's my stab at it (please note... most of my creation was actually Marci's creation, but I gave her due credit, I would want to deceive Uchtdorf (a.k.a. Duke-dorf).

I was running the other day and I ran by this pile of stuff placed on the sidewalk that had a big sign saying "FREE"... it kind of looked like junk all together under the piles of stuff. But, I saw great potential. So, when I got home Marci and I went back to see what we could retrieve. We picked these pieces out of the rubble:

And, then Marci cleaned these guys off, and I painted the tower thingy with a yellowish wood varnish that the sweet old Man at Home Depot made me. And, the next day our backyard looked like this...

Cute?!? Right?!?

And, then we tested it out...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The male diet

I know I haven't blogged in a while.

There is a suitcase in my room that has been in a half packed and half unpacked state for the better part of March. My car (and desk) look like they belong to a Level 5 Hoarder (that one's for you Jackie) - and while I am at it, let's just throw my whole room into that category. So, as soon as I get around to it, I will for sure update this blog with some of the travels I've had. But until then... I will leave you with this fantastic conversation I had with Ben about having to go on a diet because I have spent the last month in vaction mode which means calories don't count, until all your clothes are way too tight and you realize... What?!? All those calories DID count, well that sure sucks.

Ali: I want to stab people today. I am pretty sure it's because I am on a diet.
Ben: What's the diet? No peanut butter?
Ali: No, it's intense. But, I should be back to normal pretty soon. The longest I have ever been on a diet is about 3 1/2 weeks. And, FYI - I don't like peanut butter, or cheese, or sausage or bacon.
Ben: Well, I love rootbeer floats and I'm never going on a diet from them. I think they need me more than I need them.
Ali: Have you ever been on a diet?
Ben: I am always on a diet, so do you really call it a diet?
Ali: What do you not eat that you want to be eating?
Ben: Nothing.
Ali: Then you're not on a diet.
Ben: Here's my diet. I am eating a tuna fish sandwich on wheat right now, but instead of using mayo, I use ranch on everything.

I thought that was so funny. Only a guy would think that ranch is better for you than mayo. And, only for a guy could that theory possible yield any weight loss results.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Things I have Googled lately....

Is there a difference between a midget and a dwarf?

How old is Lamar Odom?

Do Amish women shave? (This one was promted by question my friend asked and I did not know the answer to).

How tall is Cat Deeley?

Who does the Bachelor pick? (I can't watch anymore). The last three girls have voices that sound like nails on chalkboards to me.

~ My mind a scary place. But, luckily, Google has all the answers. ~