To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, September 28, 2007

All In A Days Work...

My company has nearly $20 million worth of construction work on-going at San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino. I love that place. It's rad.

So, in the name of Business Development, we threw a BBQ at San Manuel. We had it inside the fire house.

Apparently only me and 6-year-old boys are facinated with firemen and fire trucks. But, lucky for me, most people have a hard time saying "no" to me. It must be my charm... what can I say?

So, the firemen were totally having a grand old time dressing us up. They even gave us props. They were all lined up handing us things to hold. The jaws of life were just too heavy for me.

And, I REALLY wanted to slide down the 3-story pole. The Chief said I couldn't because it was a liability to the fire station, should anything happen to me. He told me "You have to have a pole certificate." To which I responded, "Oh, ok then, I am totally in luck, turns out I already have one of those for my night job." Clearly, my quick wit paid off! I totally rocked the pole... here was my stellar finish.

When I grow up, I totally want to be a fireman (OK maybe I just want to be with a fireman - I don't actually consider myself brave under pressure, just a little nuts)!

I am totally serious - this is what I got paid to do at work today! A couple more events like this and I am thinking of making my own calendar!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blast from the Past Photo Gallery

So, every year Joe buys me a new camera. I just got my new one. He's such a cute guy (the camera - not my boss, although I guess he's cute enough too). He's shiny and new (thanks for that line Madona - I use it frequently). It's a Canon 7.1 MP and it's tiny. I love him (once again, the camera - not my boss, although I guess he's alright - today).
Anyway, I currently have 3 digital cameras. I feel like I should give at least one back for the field guys to use. So, I just spent the morning purging the old photos. There were some that were WAY too cute not to publish for all to view.

Courtney, Ali, Julie and Kellie

Spils and I - Powderpuff

John Kilpatrick - Orange County Fair 2007 - He was such a good sport! This was the least compromising of the poses I made him do!

Lori & Robin - Robin's 21st Birthday.

Ali & Cori - San Jose, Costa Rica - New Year's Eve. (Someone convinced us that whatever you do at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve will foreshadow the future for the year to come... so Cori and I went BIG - Wedding in a foreign country. I think we got confused, apparently we were supposed to MOVE to the foreign country and that's why we are still not married... that's all I can come up with.
P.S. Neither of us were drinking, but we look hammered because it's like 3 AM!

Cori and Paul - San Jose, Costa Rica - New Year's Eve

Melissa Thornton

Jenn Hemsley playing Reindeer Games

Traci and Stacey

Jenn "Gutter" Anderson, J.J., Ali, Claire "Monkey" Manville, Kellie and Mindy

Mrs. Kara (Pahoajawich) Meyers and Ali (Disneyland 2007)

The Murdering Mermaids (Part I) - Cori, Ali, Robin and Melissa

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How To Be A Domestic Goddess

My mom has always had such high hopes for me... I think she wanted me to be musical. She is an AMAZING singer. She was Eliza Doolittle in the College Production of 'My Fair Lady', for which I hear she received high praise and wild acclaim! Go J!

I wanted so badly to be talented when I was little. I DID take voice lessons and piano lessons and I would like to report that I can STILL play "The Entertainer", "The Rainbow Connection", and the left hand of "Heart and Soul", (maybe even the right hand on a really ambitious day). And, I even sang the solo part of "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" in the Jr. High Production of "Americana." - But, I'd be lying if I said I was any good at either.

I am pretty sure my mom realized I was no good musically... or at ballet, drill team, a variety of sports and/or acting/plays (although my mom did talk the Play Director into recruiting me and giving me ONE line in 'Annie Get Your Gun', but I am pretty sure my dad donated money or something)!

You get the point... there’s not so much in the talent department for me. But, still my mom has high hopes and she still tries. Her most recent quest... drum roll please... is to get me to cook. Unfortunately, the ability and desire to cook is a trait I picked up from my dad. Since I was little, my dad taught me that cooking encompasses any and all food preparation (toast, salad, Spaghettios, eggs, cereal - in fact, I just "cooked" myself the best bowl of Golden Grahams the other night for dinner... it was DIVINE).

My mom currently works at Williams-Sonoma for fun - which makes Cori so excited, given her propensity to covet every dish set, pan collection, and flatware/stemware set ever created. So, for years now she has been buying me cooking accessories. It all started with a cookbook I got for Christmas... 'How to be a Domestic Goddess'. I have to admit, I love the title! But, in the 3 years I've owned it, I have never once made anything from it. Last year, my sister Jennica jumped on the band wagon and got me a year-long subscription to some cooking magazine. It comes faithfully every month; and I shelve it faithfully every month in the Pantry/Laundry Room/Broom Closet along with the others from months prior.

Last week, the darndest thing happened! The October issue of my Cooking Magazine came, and I decided to cook (in the true sense)! Could someone please help my mom off the floor, clearly she's fallen over by now?!? I HEART Asian food, so I decided to cook this Red Thai Curry Noodle Beef Concoction. Robin and I spent half the day Saturday looking for one key ingredient - Red Thai Curry, which is NOT easy to find. We finally found it on the 4th try. But it WAS easier to find than parking at the Asian Market. Literally, Robin and I were making fun on the fact that the store had valet parking. It seemed absurd. But, guess where we parked?!? It was well worth the $2. Robin made a new friend, but decided that she and he did not speak the same Asian dialect, since he could not be of much assistance.

All-in-all, it turned out OK. I am thinking of cooking something again next year.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Curse of the Bambino...

Ok, so I am not ridiculously into baseball (and by not ridiculously, I mean not really at all). - Sorry Brian!
And, to be honest I am not even entirely sure what the curse of the Bambino is. (I vaguely know it has to do with Babe Ruth and some Red Sox losing streak from being traded... Basically, whatever the premise of Fever Pitch is, since everything I learn about sports comes from movies, or not being able to totally tune out my dad rambling on, forgetting I am his daughter not his son.)

This was the most normal we could get Aaron to look - believe me there are like 15 attempts to take this one photo!

But, Joe gave me tickets to see the Mariners and the Angels. (Apparently, I was on his REALLY good side this week!) So, we went. And, miraculously it didn't even rain until after the fireworks. And equally miraculously the Angels did not score even 1 point (goal, run, whatever you call it!) This is the 4th or 5th game I have been to this season with our tickets and they have NEVER even scored!
Joe said I was cursed and that I wasn't able to go to anymore games. Then 10 minutes later, he came in and said "we" (meaning "he") bought tickets to the playoffs and to let him know when I wanted to go. Love that man!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Good Times... Good Times

I totally forgot how fun Mad libs are!

They are super RAD!

Especially, the "Prime Time" ones. Celebrity Mad Libs, word on the street is that these are all the rage in Hollywood.

Friday, September 21, 2007

There are so many reasons why this week ROCKED...

  • I took my soul back from The Man and came into work AFTER 9 AM for 3 days in a row.

  • I didn't lose my keys (or my mind) all week.

  • Robin had a mental breakdown while watching the Joy Luck Club (which made me laugh).

  • The new fall shows started.

  • The Man gave me tickets to see Justin Timberlake.

  • My mom bought me towels from Pottery Barn.

  • I got to see McSteamy and McDreamy on T.V. because the new fall shows started (although, is it just me or does everyone else feel like they got Punk'd, so NOT a great episode of Grey's).

  • The Man washed my car, even though it's going to rain in like 10 minutes.

  • My sisters and I solidified our trip to NYC to see Adam's family.

  • I got to talk to my BFF in Hawaii (twice)!

  • The new fall shows started.

  • We won $6 million dollars worth of work in one week!

  • No one told me about their hemorrhoids at work (or outside of work either).

  • The new fall shows started AND we still have TiVo.

  • It's about to rain, which means that I get to wear my darling white coat with the black buttons. (And, I guess it's also good because apparently we NEED rain in So Cal).

  • I got to see Wentworth Miller again, because the new fall shows started.

  • Ralphs had a sale on Diet Coke.

  • It's fall! I love fall! (And, not just because of the new shows, and the darling Peacoat - the white one, with the black buttons) I just want to find a mountain or kick up some leaves or something, in a Sound of Music type fashion (but, with WAY better clothes, for sure!).

  • There was a special double issue of People Magazine.

  • The new fall shows started. And, there is a new show called Gossip Girl (which Cori delightfully TiVoed - because as much as I love TiVo, I still don't really know how to work it).

  • Cameron Sawyer had a birthday, so I got to have cupcakes!

  • I started training for the 1/2 and full marathon - which makes me feel like a SuperHero (except for the fact that I am a bit more jiggly than the quintessential SuperHero)
  • But, the best part of all of it was that Matt White FINALLY came out with his CD! I NEVER thought it would happen, Cori and I have been stalking him (over the internet) since his album was supposed to come out in February. Robin started stalking him in mid-June. And, now we are all so happy... it's here and it's FAB!

Here are the top 10 songs (in no particular order) this Friday the 21st... (according to moi)... I have been listening to these non-stop. Download them if you don't have them. They are DIVINE:

1.) Dance Floor Anthem (I Don't Want To Be In Love) - Good Charlotte - It's so Good!

2.) Love - Matt White - Best Song Ever!

--- Does anyone else think he looks like Nate Usher a little bit? ---

3.) Bubbly - Colbie Colliat - So cute!

4.) Her Eyes - Pat Monahan (His album came out this week too, it's FAB!)

5.) The Best Days - Matt White - FAB!

6.) Almost Midnight - Pat Monahan -This song has such good lyrics.

7.) Feelings Show - Colbie Colliat

8.) Playin' with the Boys - Kenny Loggins - We watched Top Gun this week, for entertainment and educational purposes and this song is awesome, plus Kenny Loggins sings is with makes it twice as RAD... so I downloaded it and it's fun to run to!

9.) Two Ways To Say Goodbye - Pat Monahan

10.) The Way I Are (oh that so hurts my Ears) ..."I Ain't Got No Money" - Timbaland - I have no earthly idea why I like it, it's more like I have had it stuck in my head since the J.T. Concert. So, maybe you shouldn't listen to it. It's sort of like my fixation with "Party Like a Rockstar" in Vegas.


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Bringin' Sexy Back???

Did you know that J.T. is no longer a mouseketeer???
Me neither.
Did you know that he's no longer a Backdoor Boy???
Me neither.
Guess, he said Bye,bye,bye to them! - Suckers.
Did you know that he doesn't date Britney anymore? or Cameron... it's Jessica Beil now.
Thanks to People Magazine I do know that! (At least I think I know that).
Did you know that he makes William Rast jeans???
Those are some NICE jeans for girls like me who are built like 12-year-old boys.

Turns out he has his own solo career... who knew?!? And, apparently he's had this said "solo career" for a while. Because last night my girlfriends and I went to his 100th concert. As you can tell, we didn't really know many of the songs.

But, did you know that the Staples Center has the most divine garlic fries???

Anyway, back to the point. Joe gave me tickets to see Justin. These blessed tickets were not cheap. But, most of the groupies were. What's up with the young folks wearing shirts and calling them dresses? If you bought it in the "shirt" section of the store WEAR IT AS A SHIRT WITH PANTS for the love of everything good and holy - not a dress. Do we need to re-instate geranimals? Kids these days - geez.

Which reminds me, I saw a man in a red Grand Prix today wearing a denim button-up shirt AND no pants!!! What the??? Creepy!!! I was in Long Beach, which might explain it, but it was still WRONG!

Which reminds me. It costs $100 to buy a hoodie that says "Bringing Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake" - can we say rip off?!?

Which reminds me, this post is about the Justin Timberlake concert... oh yeah, now I remember what I was doing...

So, basically this was how the concert went. We got there late and totally missed Good Charlotte, who I actually like (and not just because Joel Madden knocked up Nicole Richie - who you all know I love - although, that certainly DID foster more love for them), they are actually a pretty good band. But, nonetheless, we missed them. But, we did see J.T. And, there was a lot of dancing, some strippers, some old school costumes, lots of lights, lots of bass and a whole lot of "wait, I think I know this song... oh, no I don't". Then Timbaland came on and added some hip hop. I REALLY wanted them to do "Apologize", but since One Republic was no where in sight, I was pretty sure that wouldn't happen... and it didn't. Cori's favorite part was when Timbaland pumped up "Since U Been Gone", she leaned over and said, "I like this song, I know my Hilary Duff!" Don't worry guys, I corrected her, that's actually Kelly Clarkson right? Robin surprised us by actually knowing some J.T. songs! We danced anyway! And, then we all tried to bring sexy back all night. I am pretty sure we failed miserably.

But, all-in-all, J.T., he's pretty good. He had some sweet moves. But, he needs to keep his hair short, I mean real short, because last night he was bringing Brilo back, and it was not sexy.

When we left, all I wanted J.T. to bring back was my hearing. It's still not 100%

Monday, September 17, 2007

Ask-a-guy day?!?

We had one of these last night. Ask-a-guy day. It was funny.

So, there's this guy who just moved into our ward, Aaron. He doesn't really know anyone, so he hangs out with us (at least that's the only reason I can figure he hangs out with us - we are sort of a tough crowd - Robin, Cori, Wendy and I). He says we're funny. We'll take it. It's quite fabulous having him around. But, we are sort of brutal. I am pretty sure that I spent the better part of last night laughing and taunting about how high he used to wear his pants. (But, they WERE ridiculously high!)

Anyway, the other night we decided that it was odd that he'd spent hours on end with us, road trip, sporting events, dinners, I mean a lot of time. And, we all LOVE it, but he never asks any questions. So the girls and I were talking about this and we communially decided it was weird. He hadn't asked any of us what we did for work, where we were from, last name... you know basic stuff. So we made him guess last night. It was funny! He didn't know much about us, but what he didn't know he made up, which was almost more fun. We also made him answer all our questions SERIOUSLY for 13 minutes. I think it was pretty rough for him. We all decided that we hope he doesn't get bored of us, we'd like to keep him around.

On that note, I am driving to work today (a little late I might add, hair still wet, kinda look like I got hit by a truck or fought with a cat - I wish you all could see me). Well, my usual nerdy talk radio program was again talking about Catholic Priests and Altar Boys. Yawn!!! So, I decided to listen to something else. So, on Star 98.7 they had "Ask-a-guy" day. There were all these women calling in and asking these totally legit questions. It was hilarious. I will give you some of the highlights.

Caller #1: Why do guys not notice ANYTHING? For example, I got my hair cut 12 inches and dyed it a totally different color and my boyfriend didn't even notice.
Guy: That's too easy. He's too busy looking at your boobs to notice your hair.
Caller #1: And the other day I got new shoes and he didn't notice.
Guy: What? New shoes? Who cares? Still looking at your boobs.

Caller #2: What is up with men being totally fixated with their own poop?
Guy: It's cool. It's neat. It's like something we created. Sometimes we call in our buddies to see how well we did.
Caller #2: That's just gross.
Guy: We're guys, that's what we do. Talk about poop and look at boobs.

Caller #3: Why can't a guy listen to an entire story from start to finish?
Guy: What? Sorry, I didn't hear the whole questions, IT WAS TOO LONG.

Aaron, get ready... I pretty sure we didn't play it right last night. This will be our next activity. Ladies, start thinking up your questions.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Blind Dates

Ok, so I think it's finally come to the point where my friends feel the need to take my love life (or lack thereof, depending on the day) into their own hands.

And, while I love ALL of you dear friends. Please... STOP!

In the past month I have been propositioned to go on blind dates with various and sundry guys. And, while I tell myself to be open and try it, going with the 'how bad could it be logic', I suddenly remember that for me it CAN be RIDICULOUSLY bad. I have gone on some miserable blind dates... one involving a guy named Chet, a corn maze and a very minimal amount of teeth, motor skills, or general knowledge... it was over 8 years ago and I am STILL recovering.

Just last week I was sure Claire was making a profile for me on some dating internet site, like something out of a bad movie... I have known her for 6 years, I lived with her for 3, and all the sudden she's asking me about my hobbies and interests??? To which I responded, I love candy and ice cream and I dislike vegans and vegetarians, clearly that isn't enough to profile me right???

Anyway... basically my ranting about the two most recently orchestrated blind date attempts is directed toward the fact that I don't like text messaging people I have never met... it's AWKWARD... the humor is lost, when the person is a mystery and basically it's no good! (And, for the record I am absurdly slow at text messaging in general.)

Scenario #1: Candy (who is special, all on her own) my old VT partner, tried to set me up with this guy. To get me to go out with him she tells me two things "He's tall like you and he's in a band." IN A BAND?!? What am I 13??? To which I replied, "You know my criteria (1) Normal and (2) Has a job/career path. The band??? hobby or job? Check on that and get back to me." Well, turns out her boyfriend broke up with her for being unstable, so I thought I was off the hook... until the guy text messaged me.

???: Hey, hey, how are u?
Me: Just great. And you? By the way, who is this?
???: Oh, this is jeremy, and im doin excellent!
Me: Do I know you?
(Jeremy)???: Nope! Lol
At this point all I can think about is how old is this Tom Foolio 14? or 15? And, who is this Gomer??? How does this kid have my number??? Whatever... I am SO not responding.
Jeremy??? (AGAIN!): Im part of your phone service agreement. So every so often you might get a text from me :)
Oh my gosh, this guy is maybe trying to be funny, and if I KNEW him, he might be, but since I don't, I am saving his number in my phone as 'Creepy' in case he should ever call. And, I am STILL not responding.

Jeremy??? (AGAIN!): Hey, i was going to tell u the other day when i texted u that i got ur # from candy. But the movie started and i had to put my phone away.
Whatever "Creepy", Good thing I saved your number. And, I am still not responding. What am I supposed to say??? I still don't know this guy, and the source of the six degrees of separation between us is definitely questionable.

Scenario #2: My friend Jen (love you Jen) went on a date with this guy and she said he was cool, but she started dating this other guy exclusively, so she couldn't go out with the set-up guy again. So, she asked if I wanted to. Ummm... ok, I guess. Mind you, all I know about this guy is that 'he's not bad looking' and he was in this horrific accident, but he pulled through. I think Jen is darling and I know she just wants me to be with a great guy, so I said I'd go out with him... I believe this one's name is Mike, but his friend David Howell calls him "the real deal guy". And, while I have no objection (per se) about going out with this guy, I don't know how to respond to his friend who is texting me (who I also don't know).

Random friend of Mike??? (aka David Howell): Hey Ali this is David Howell I want to set you up with guy who is the real deal guy. I am one of Jen's friends.
'the Real Deal Guy', am I supposed to know what this means??? 'cause I don't...
Me: Sounds good. Give him my number and we can set something up.
Random friend of Mike??? (aka David Howell): Will do! Jen tell you about him?
Like I am going to tell him that all I know is that he's 'not bad looking' and that there was some terrible beating, which as described to me mirrors the beating given to Greg Kinnear in 'As Good As It Gets', which was somehow the impetus for his conversion to Mormonism!!! What do I say???
Me: Yes, a little. He's sounds great.
Good, well done me... that was diplomatic.

For those of you who know me... you can continue to text me, but don't be surprised if it takes me a good 20 minutes to respond, it might not be that I am busy, but more likely that I am still trying to find the appropriate letters to respond.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

No Fair!

I have known Reyna since I was 8! She's like a sister (except, she may like me better). I love her so very much. She has the best cuticles and such nice eyebrows (just ask my mom!)

I lived with her when she and her husband fell in love, in the glorious Windsor Apartments of Provo... just she and I and some REALLY weird girl who broke up with her fiancée because she didn't like the way his S sounded when he talked. Picky much?!? (I'd like to note that she got married like 5 years ago, for everyone accusing me of being too picky - take that!) We would have loved to get rid of her (whatever her name was), but her dad owned the townhouse, so that was tricky!

Reyna's husband Seth is the most fabulous guy EVER. He cooks. He cleans. He brings Reyna 64 oz. Diet Cokes after his morning jog and before heading off to work. He knows how much I should ask for "Hostile Fire Pay" working here in Pomona and advises me to ask for $225 more a month for taking the risk. Plus, he has dimples! Fabulous I tell you!

If I have to practice polygamy, I am totally being the second wife! I could gab with Reyna for hours day-in-day-out. (She finds me SO hilarious, while I maintain she is far more witty than I). And, I know Seth would bring me a 64 oz diet coke too while Rey and I make divots on the couch and watch TiVo... aaaaaahhhhh.

Basically, Reyna has a semi-charmed life! And, while I think she deserves it. It really is no fair.

Because 2 years ago she got this guy!

And, then 4 months ago, she got these TWO! Twins!

She called me all distressed when she heard the news. To ease her pain and anguish, I, being the totally selfless person I am, volunteered to take one. I wasn't going to be picky, I said I'd take whichever one she liked the least! Or even the ugly one, if that happened to be the case.

But, as we can see, they are both perfect! AND, SHE KEPT THEM BOTH!
Rey, I would like you to know that because of your selfishness, I now want to steal about 10% of all children I see. Mothers beware! You couldn't have given me just ONE?!?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

These are USUALLY the kinds of emails I get at work...

Viva Las Vegas!

We wanted to get a away for the weekend. So, sort of last minute, we all decided to just go. We got ONE hotel room and packed 8 people in it. Good thing the J.W. Marriott makes some HUGE rooms!

So, what better place to be than Las Vegas?!? Two breakdowns later (one mental and one automotive - neither by me), 5 pee stops (Dan asked if Jolene even had a bladder) and one hug for Bob later, we arrived in Vegas.
The weather was a beautiful 115 degrees. I am not sure why people weren't flocking there!?!
On the way up we played truth or dare, like a bunch of grade schoolers, we were just ridiculous and it was fabulously entertaining.
We went to celebrate the last free weekend before school for Cori, a birthday for Wendy, a Wedding for Karen's sister and a day off for the rest of us!
But, we didn't exactly get the warmest welcome. This man told us we made him sick. Good thing I am not a liberal, turns out they are only slightly more vile in Vegas than we Mormons are.

We had so much fun playing by the pool and dragging the strip. I couldn't be pulled away from the Bellagio fountains! I just love them. But, there were other things to do, see, smell and touch in Vagas and a few of us hadn't been there in a while.

Dan awkwardly pawed at this statuesque beauty.

The girls were not impressed by his skills and decided to show him how it should be done.

Robin decided that predictive text was a worthless function. "They don't have nipple... or stripper... or reservations?" She practiced her moves even though she couldn't quickly text about them...

Aaron practiced his moves... even the cougars in the pool couldn't resist his charms. Too bad he can't... (j.k. I am not going to blog about it, but only because he voluntarily rubbed my feet - brave man!)

Dan perfected the art of taking a bubble bath, which provided hours upon hours of laughter.

Jolene was trying to teach me to be sexy or something. (CLEARLY, it was just about as productive as Steven trying to make me cool.) The fact that I look like a fish is a little disconcerting! Although this game face still got us into the clubs. We went to Tangerine in Treasure Island and were somehow let into the V.I.P. area. We saw Nicky Hilton. (She was way cuter than I had previously thought and she had on a darling little black dress!) Jolene was thrilled for the celebrity sighting. We also heard that B. Spears was in town, so sad we missed her... she IS sort of a fascinating train wreck.

I am pretty sure I fell in love with the welcoming comittee for the Venetian. I also fell in love with the stores there. (I got THE most fabulous Kate Spade bag - thanks Joe... still).

By Sunday evening we were totally spent! We couldn't even hold out for chairs to sit down in.

So we drove home to get foot massages by the maestro of feet (thanks Aaron) and tattoos (a.k.a. "tramp stamps") by the only slightly less talented Robin. We made the J.W. Marriot room 4140 our own private L.V. Ink!

What more could we ask for?!?

The ride home made us laugh only slightly less than the drive out. Robin had to pee SO badly she was near tears, which was so funny to us! She said "you guys bladders DO explode right? I mean it HAS happened right? Tell me about it, I need to know!" We pulled over to use the restroom in Baker and she did the old-man shuffle to the bathroom. A few minutes later I went in to see if she made it. (Mind you, at this point her pants are totally unbuttoned and she is cradling her yaw to ensure she doesn't wet herself.) When I walked in she was about the 15th person in a 20 person line. At this point I think there WERE tears. I told her she should walk across the street and use the restroom at Coco's instead of wasting time getting into the car again. I told her we'd meet her there. To which her half naked self said "you want me to jaywalk???" I found it hilarious, that being her biggest concern given the dire circumstances. I laughed my way back to the car.

Cori was a little bit disappointed "You have all this funny material for your blog and I haven't even said anything funny yet!!!" - I thought that was pretty funny. There you go, Cor. You made it!

I kind of want to go back again next week...