To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, May 5, 2008

What's in a Name???

... Love Shakespeare... wise wise man. Maybe he can help me with my dilemma.

All my nicknames as of late, sound like stripper names "cupcake", "skittles", "bubbles". It's OK, I embrace them.

I am not usually a nicknamer myself... except for lately. And, it seems to be causing problems.

I had two coversations (via text) today... and I need a little help. In fact, I think it's time for me to create poll #2 (I am getting so blog savvy these days)...

Conversation #1

H.C. (Helaman Cruz): Seriously can you given Muffin a different nickname? What are you going to call him when he weighs 200 lbs*? I am sure not muffin.
Ali: If he breaks 200, I will call him muffin top!**
H.C.: LOL! What about Liger? A mix of Lion and Tiger?
Ali: Why? I like Muffin.
H.C.: It's just not manly! What if u were called Stud?
Ali: My friend used to call me Dude. I was fine with that. Btw, Liger was so not manly!
H.C.: Dude is bi. It goes both ways! And, Liger is better than Muffin.
H.C.: Here is a good reason to give him a different nickname. What if one day we decide to play tennis with pink balls*** and you want to call him by his nickname?
Ali: They are your pink balls which means I will calling you "princess". In comparison, Muffine will sound really manly!
H.C.: LOL! Only one way to fix this problem. Take a poll to find out who agrees with me and who disagrees with you. (Please remember whose blog this is!)
Ali: P.S. Lance Armstrong used to call his wife a "stud" all the time! Bring it on!
H.C. Ok stud! Did you google that?
Ali: Nope. I read his Biography, "It's not about the Bike". His is a cad! But, he did call his then wife a stud, numerous times.
H.C.: But, we all know he's not a normal homosapian! All that chemo went through burned his brain cells and it's obvious that he had no idea what he was saying.

Coversation #2

Ali: Would you rather I call you Muffin or Liger?
Muffin: Would you rather I call you Sweetpea of She-ra?
Ali: Sweetpea, please and thank you. But, She-ra is good too. I like them both.
Muffin: She-ra it is!
Ali: I am going to save the world! Does She-ra shag He-man? I can't remember! Helaman is going to be so stoked!
Muffin: I'm pretty sure she does! You'll have to talk to He-man (a.k.a. Helaman's nickname) about it. But, yeah he will be stoked!

* Note 1: "Muffin" just informed me that as of yesterday he weighs 132 pounds. Atta boy!
** Note 2: Thanks Brooke, you were the funny one there.
*** Note 3: Helaman bought pink tennis balls because "it was a good cause, I wanted to save the tatas!" (Breast Cancer Awareness)

So... what's the verdict. Can I still call him Muffin? Or do I have to call him Liger?


TUG said...

She-ra and He-man are cousins

Ali B. said...

And??? That means no shagging???