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Friday, June 20, 2008

Would you hire this guy???

So, I am in charge of what feels like EVERYTHING at my office (especially today). And, one of my many many many responsibilities is to manage and update my company's website (although I haven't done it for months now.... shhhhhh). So, all the contacts, questions and resumes that get sent in through our website come to me.

Yesterday, I got this beauty! It was by far the highlight of my workday!

Albert wants to be a Construction Project Superintendent, or so he says. I am not exactly sure what he thinks a Superintendent does. This is an EXACT excerpt from Albert's resume.

"I have commenced my studies in the field of construction engineering technology. I have learned the basic idea of engineering the process of developing art. I sincerely did not realize the beauty held in drafting and engineering along with the immense thought process and concentration that is required in order to perfect a project. I am willing to satisfy your needs and evince to you my capabilities in the art of design. I will open new doors and poke holes in areas where no one has pondered upon."


Como, WHAT?

Ummmm, I don't have ANY idea what this guy would even do at our company.

But, whatever it is he's planning to do sounds naughty and dirty and no good! For sure this guy is trouble! OR foreign.

I am pretty sure he'll fit right in, so of course I asked Joe if we could hire him. I said pretty please and smiled my prettiest smile and...

that usually always works. But, this time all I got was a "Brinker!?!"


Chelsea said...

This is hilarious. and I love your boss btw.

Aubrey said...

WTF!?! Poor kid!!! Thanks for the laugh "Brinker."