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Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Deiter F. Duke-dorf" and the 13th Article of Faith

Ok, so I KNOW I am biased, but this child is SO beyond words cute!

My niece Izzy is 3! She is crazy! She is fun! She is so animated! And, I am pretty sure she could get ANYTHING she wanted out of me at anytime!

She's also pretty stinkin' smart for a 3-year-old. Or at least really good at memorizing! She knows all 13 Articles of Faith for the Mormon church ... and also the First Presidency of the Church... kind of... well, sometimes.

Please forgive the fact that I suck as a camera woman AND I can't figure out how to rotate a movie clip!


Sara said...

that is amazing! She can dance, watch tv, and recite the articles of faith with expression all at the same time! Give her anything she wants now cause you need to stay on this girls good side. She is going places!

Amanda said...

You forgot to mention her talents as a swimsuit model...she is a doll!

Aubrey said...

THREE? She's only THREE? That was incredible and incredibly cute!!! :)

Olivia said...

Cousin Izzy is so cute

Olivia said...

Like i said so cute