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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update: Photo Style

Dear Mom, Dad and family. I've noticed that I haven't posted any photos lately. Just so you know, your baby girl still looks the same, except older. So, these pictures are mostly for you!

Last Week I went to see Glee in concert. It was so good! I LOVED it. And, we happened upon this candy store. Which I also LOVED (of course).
I had Youth Conference with my babies in our Shrek Green shirts! (By the way, is it just me, or do with think there are already too many Shrek movies, stop already!) And, I stared into the face of one ticked off rattlesnake, while trying to list off in my head times in which I had been more afraid, there were only a few.
We went to Pismo Beach, for the 3rd year. As always, it was quite enjoyable. The weather was nice. And, it's the one time each year I get to ride ATVs in the dunes. And, just about the only time I willingly go camping.

I have been quite active. I did a Ragnar Race again (200-mile relay race from Ventura to Dana Point). We were really good (clearly, I was the handicap). There was a dude on our team that ran 5 1/2 minute miles. I called him "the Kenyan." We had a blast, even on very little sleep, and we finished alive and in about 26 hours or so.

I also did a Warrior Dash... which sounds fierce, but actually was really a lot like a junior high school obstacle course. But, the day was fun. We got to have Wood Ranch and no one spilled their ribs on me this time, so that part rocked.

And, Sondra was nice enough to let me play with her kids all weekend. We went to Pretend City, a cute place that is a simulation of a city customized for the likes of little ankle-biters. A very darling idea.
Whew. Done. 2 months of photos/activities. Updated.


Morph This said...

ali brinkerhoff. you need to drink more soda. you are incredibly thin right now. it looks AMAZING though. you look AMAZING though.

Anonymous said...

Mama Mia says: Thanks for all the pictures! Even though we've heard the commentary, I always love a great visual! See you next weekend!

Captain Awesome said...

I am doing the Warrior Dash June 19th. I had better start eating ribs now to get ready

Aubrey said...

Finally, a post with pictures. :) You look great girl!!!