To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Guilty Pleasure #489

I have MANY guilty pleasures. For example, I love the Richie's. I love them both equally - Lionel and Nicole (who recently taught Jon Benet Ramsey wannabes to flip the bird).

And, thanks to Julie Jones, I HEART Miami Ink.

My roommate is fabulous, she Tivoed 3 episodes of Miami Ink for me to watch while she is in Seattle. Currently, I am watching an Octogenarian get an "A" on her arm. She apparently never read the Scarlet Letter... REALLY this lady was 80 years young! She just told Ami that she wanted to be identifiable in the event a hurricane got the best of her. She wanted it to be tasteful so the seniors didn't “gossip about her”. Oh, I am dying... this episode is FAB.

Ok, so I would NEVER get a tattoo... although, when I was 18 I DID go into a tattoo parlor WITH money and asked for an angel above my left hip bone. What the …??? Fortunately for me, the tattoo artist said I was too thin and the needle would hit my bone. Man have I changed, I can't even find my hip bone these days... but I sure am glad they were protruding way back then. I never even had a wild streak. Can you imagine me with a tat? Whatever!

But, if I had to get a tattoo... like if there was a gun to my head... I would get Xavier Adams' signature on my right cheek... in the vein of my 11 cabbage patch kid upbringing. I literally had them all... cornsilk hair, premies, you name it.

Would any of you ever get tattoos? If so, of what? Where? How large? With or without a gun pointed to your head?


f*bomb. said...

Tattoos equal two things I am very uncomfortable with:
1) Commitment
2) Needles
I'm all for art, but unless my life depends upon it, I don't think I'll willingly go for 1 and 2 at the same time. Ever.

Vanilla Vice said...

I don't like tattoos. I'm with Farrah on this one.

My brother wants a travesty of unicorns, (see scottish crest with the family crest of the Wrights) and a knight's helmet entertwined with a skull and crossbones. Gay? you tell me.

Seymour Glass said...

tattoos are dumb. i just remember as a kid some of my dad's rough and tumble motorcycling friends who were then in their 50's. they had tattoos and lets just say that they didn't look so good. in fact, they looked like blue-black blobs under the skin. so i'm just biding my time to mock people for their blotchy skin 30 years from now...all those idiots with face tatoos...i can't wait.