To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, December 22, 2008

Just a few random questions about men...

Today was a very interesting day at work.

I wore this outfit (minus the jeans add black dress pants):

My boss told me that I looked like a Christmas Tree today!?! What exactly makes this outfit look like a tree... of any kind?!?

Luckily, another guy came to my defense by saying "You don't really look like a tree. Maybe an ornament. But, don't worry, you look like one of those long ones, not the round ones." Thanks... I think.

Question #1: What is wrong with men?!? Where do they come up with these things?

Then I had to scroll through all of these photos for the year 2008. We give all our Project Managers cameras to take photos of their jobsites, workers, etc. Then they send them to me and I upload them onto our website and once a year I make a slideshow. So anyway, I have to look through thousands of photos to come up with the best ones, which is already tedious enough without having to deal with the following situations:

jobsite photo, laborer, cow, cow, cow, cow taking a dump, cow, cow, cow mounting another cow, cow...

jobsite photo, guy on an excavator, sports car, sports car tires, sports car tire rims, sports car closer up, sports car from a different angle...

jobsite photo, man going into an outhouse, just the outhouse, man coming out of the outhouse, a bunch of laborers plugging their noses an waving their arms...

jobsite photo, hot chic, hot chic minus her head, hot chic on a backhoe, hot chic, hot chic, hot chic, hot chic and her friend...

Question #2: Really? When am I EVER going to use these?!? Why are men so easily distracted? And, entertained? Really?

I came down for a meeting at 4 PM. It was me and 5 guys (Pres., V.P., two Directors and the Estimator). I walk in for the "meeting". There were 6 plates, with tamales on them and plastic forks. Turns out we were having a little snack?!? Apparently, one of these tamales was for me. This meeting was to review a directive I created. I am trying to talk serious with these guys who are all randomly eating tamales! Then they tell me to eat mine. I take one bite and proclaim "I really NOT going to eat this." So, they ate mine. Then they got out the Patron. Welcome to the wonderful world of construction... and my job!

Question #3: What is professional about this? While the effort to include me is laudable, why in the world would I want to conduct a meeting in between bites of tamale? Tamales? What kind of "snack" is that?

The guy that has hemorrhoids in my office (T.M.I.) decided that for Christmas he was going to buy his 19-year-old daughter a new toilet, because she keeps complaining that the toilet in their house sucks (mind you, she doesn't really even live there, because she is in college). He was so proud of himself. Apparently, he thinks this will be the best present she's ever received from him for Christmas. Yikes... I didn't even ask what she got last year... or the year before... or the year before.

Question #4: I don't even really know what to ask here... I guess I'll just go with... seriously?!?!?

P.S. Last night we caught the rat. Dizzy thought she was amazing because she kind of helped Helaman get it out of the attic. But, I think I am amazing because I gave him a name - Steve II(which is apparently the name for all unwanted rats) and felt badly that he had to go. We put him in the trash can... which I am not sure was too sanitary... but... now I have my space heater and christmas stuff!


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Chloe said...

Phew! I thought I couldn't read the whole thing! But question one is a good question. What IS up with men?