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Friday, April 10, 2009

Bucket list Update!

Today I got a call from Danny.

He works for the Ellen Degeneres Show.

He said I could have 4 tickets for the show on the 18th of May!

So, I am in!

Under a few conditions:

1.) It's and outside show so I have to be able to stand for "long periods" of time! (check check)

2.) I have to get there on-time and be in a certain dress code! (The time thing might be a challenge, but the dress code... sheesh... I have an outfit for EVERYTHING! - So check check!)

3.) I have to get work off... hmmmmmmmmm... (Hopefully smiling my prettiest smile will work!)

Unfortunately, Danny could not promise me any sumo suit! Sad, but true!

I wonder what they are going to do outside?!?


Party of Five said...

Call me!

Morph This said...

so fun! in ellen fashion, most of her outside shows are big concerts.. thats my guess.

so much fun!

wendy said...
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wendy said...

Ok. I'll try this again. I have been on the Ellen show and they're NOT lying about waiting outside forever. We found some steps to sit on but they kicked us off for "safety" reasons. Even though my 82 yr. old mom was with us at the time. Being in the audience was fun however. Who is scheduled to be on the show? Have fun!

Lindsey said...


mcwally said...

Ok, no more stalking :)

I love that you are going to be on the show!! I love her show, too --- especially the dancing.

I need to remember to record the show that day so I can look for you in the audience....