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Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Unexpected Proposal.

Before you all get really excited about the title of this blog post, let me help you out, don't!

It is a rad story though!

Yesterday Marci and I had one kind of wonderful adventure. We TRIED desperately to get to the beach for a birthday party for a friend of ours. It was crazy busy by the beach! CRAZY! The party was by the Balboa Pier, which as it turns out is NOT the same thing as the Newport Pier and it IS a lot farther away! We left our house at 2 PM (it takes 15 minutes to get there). We parked at 2:45. We parked 26 blocks from the party! 2-6! And, we only had 1 hour parking. So, we booked it and after 25 minutes we got within 11 blocks of the party. We borrowed Marci's friend's car and drove back to get another hour of parking. It took us 10 minutes. So, we now had 50 minutes to go 11 blocks, find the party, drive the bikes back to 11th Street and walk 25 minutes back to the car! It was crazy. We never found the party! But, we spent the better part of 2 hours trying and another half hour trying to get home! It was crazy madness.

We were in super good spirits, because it was so so so entertaining. By the end of it all, we both looked like sweaty hot messes! And, we both got awkward sunburns! But, here was the raddest part - Marci's friend Michelle lives on 11th street above an older couple in her church ward. I had NEVER met this old couple. But, apparently the bikes we borrowed from Michelle were actually theirs. So, when we went to return them, the old man that owned them was in the yard where they belonged.

Old guy: Oh you guys caught me peeing. (Why was the guy peeing in his yard? No idea, his bathroom was about 15 feet from us. Luckily I didn't see him, poor Marci - first sign that the old guy probably had dementia).
Marci: Oh, sorry, we are just returning your bikes, Michelle let us borrow them.
Old guy: Are you married?
Me: Who me?
Old guy: Yes, you! What is your name?
Me: Ali, and yours?
Old guy: (He told me his name but, I can't remember it... which is the first sign that I might have dementia... but...) So, do you want to marry my son?
Me: With all due respect, you don't even know me!
Old guy: Well you're very pretty. And, I think that's all that matters. (dementia)
Me: That's what all guys think until they realize HOW crazy the girl they married really is! I am just saying...
Old guy: Are you mad?
Me: Mad, why would I be mad? Because I am red? I got sunburned.
Old guy: Would you like a cup of milk or something?
Me: Ummmmm, no thanks!
Old guy: Will you come in, I want to show you a picture of my son. He's 40. And, he needs to get married. Except maybe he's gay? What do you think?
Me: Ummmm, I don't even know your son, sir. I don't know.
Old guy: Ok come inside.
By this time Marci has abandoned me for her friend upstairs and I am stuck downstairs with the old guy. And, he pulls out a photo of his eligible son... who is 40. It's a Varsity basketball photo, the guy is like 17 years old in this photo.
Old guy: Isn't he handsome? I know he's my son, but don't you think he is good looking?
Me: Sure. He looks like a sweet guy.
Old guy: He's 6'4.
Me: I am in!
Old guy: Ok, good.


Amanda said...

You always have the best stories.

The last Unicorn said...

That is hilarious!!! I think you should take him up on it...
6'4"??? Why not!?!