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Monday, July 6, 2009

A San Francisco 4th of July!!!

I have some MAD LOVE for my roommates. But, although we share a house, we all have such crazy hectic lives, that we really don't see each other as much as we should or as much as we want to.

So, when Marci asked if we were game to go to San Francisco to stay with her sister Joni, we were in! What better way to celebrate the 4th?!?
Joni was so sweet to let us stay there. She lives right in the city, so her apartment was tiny. Our air mattress took up the entire kitchen! It blocked all walkways, closets, cupboard, the fridge and the sink... it was rad!
We had a great time. It was the perfect little get-away. And, we all needed it (ok, mostly just Marci and I, because Diz is ALWAYS out-of-town, but she still had fun, too much... maybe!)
Neither Diz or Marci had ever been to the city, so we had to do all things San Fran and we didn't have much time to do it all.
We started by taking the bus (eeeekkkkk) to Union Station.
And, we did a bit of shopping, of course.
Then we hoped on a trolley...
... and headed down to Fisherman's wharf, to eat soup out of bread bowls and look at the boats and statues of pirates and firemen. Diz really wanted a "fireworks boyfirend." And, she did get chased down by an Asian guy who kept hitting her in the face with the Hello Kitty doll he had purchased just for her. Finally, he settled for placing it on the sidewalk for her and letting her know that it was there when she decided to pick it up. I have no idea why she didn't want to keep that guy, but whatever!
After the wharf we hit up Ghiradelli Square and shared a Sundae.
That night, we drove to half moon bay, picked up some delicious hot chocolate and layed on the cliffs overlooking the bay to watch the fireworks. Marci fell in LOVE with Half Moon Bay and tried to push us off so that she could have it all to herself, but that didn't work!
We also saw the Golden Gate Bridge, drove over it to be exact, but Marci had the child locks on the windows and for some reason thought Diz was kidding when she wanted them rolled down, so we didn't get a photo. But, I promised Diz that with 3 witnesses as proof, she would be fine just telling everyone about it.
Thanks for a wonderful weekend roommies. You both know how much I LOVE LOVE you... a ton more than I even love San Fran (or even Vegas).


Amanda said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - Golden Gate Bridge, check check.

Ali B. said...

Worst Date Ever. Actually, the sad truth is I have had worse!

At least my roommate let us see the bridge, even drive over it, she just wouldn't let us take any pictures.

Kristin said...

You are lookin so HOT but you always look good! Hope you are having a great summer.