To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I used to blog more. This I know. I am in one of those phases where I am beyond busy. Yet, when people ask me what's been going on lately, I just stare at them blankly, like they might be speaking to me in Chinese, but they're not. So, I've come up with some answers, in case I keep getting asked that question.

1. I bought a drill. I went to Home Depot and I told them I needed a drill. They asked what kind "not a girl drill, I have one of those, it sucks. I need a real drill. Like a man's drill." They suggested one I could not even lift, let alone operate. "Maybe, lets try a boy drill." I haven't used it yet. But, just looking at it in the box makes me giddy.

2. Ever since I learned Jackie's extension (after 14 months of working at MZT), I barely even leave my chair during the day.

3. The team of kids I get to help coach is getting so much better and few people are sweeter than that bunch. I love it! Go OVHS!

4. I bowled a 118. Mock, if you must, but for me that is a triumph of the grandest proportion.

5. I traded in investing in my wardrobe for investing in the stock market. And, it turns out, I am not too bad at it!

6. I started running again. Before that, I was jogging, and doing that very seldomly. Now, I am running again with the hope that I won't die in the Warrior race I signed up to do in a few weeks. But, in all actuality, it's not the running I am nervous about - it's the obstacle course, which is the main objective of the race. If they have a rope pull, I am going to be the one staring up into the sky looking like I can't possibly do it... because I can't.

7. I bought tickets to see GLEE perform live. I know that I am a nerd, but I am beyond excited.

8. I have eaten my weight in gum.

9. I have let my hair grow to the point in which it's actually long. And, I have also let my roots grow to the point at which I look a bit homeless.

10. In the last 6 weeks I have been to Utah for my grandma's funeral, Mexico for fun, Texas for Olivia's baptism, and next week I'll be in Denver for a hiccup. I can't remember the last time my room didn't have a half-packed suitcase laying on the floor.

11. I got my car washed. Once. Just once. The next day, I didn't recognize that it was mine.

12. I read 5 books - all novels, I NEVER read novels. (The Art of Racing in the Rain, Handle with Care, The Shack, The Summons and The Pact.) I mostly only read when I am on an airplane. So...

13. I decided that giving Obama the benefit of the doubt was NOT a good plan.

14. I bought myself an Easter dress, since my parents no longer do that for me.

15. I saw Captain EO at Disneyland TWICE. It was bad... both times.

And, that's about all I can think of right now.


Amanda said...

You've been a very busy girl! So which book did you like the best? I need something to read...

Jared Wilstead said...

I miss my California friends!

The last Unicorn said...

we are reading racing in the rain for my book club this year. did you like it?

PS I have blog slacked this year. My excuse is I have been terrible at taking picture and this little guy growing inside of me sucks up a lot of my energy/motivation