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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The male diet

I know I haven't blogged in a while.

There is a suitcase in my room that has been in a half packed and half unpacked state for the better part of March. My car (and desk) look like they belong to a Level 5 Hoarder (that one's for you Jackie) - and while I am at it, let's just throw my whole room into that category. So, as soon as I get around to it, I will for sure update this blog with some of the travels I've had. But until then... I will leave you with this fantastic conversation I had with Ben about having to go on a diet because I have spent the last month in vaction mode which means calories don't count, until all your clothes are way too tight and you realize... What?!? All those calories DID count, well that sure sucks.

Ali: I want to stab people today. I am pretty sure it's because I am on a diet.
Ben: What's the diet? No peanut butter?
Ali: No, it's intense. But, I should be back to normal pretty soon. The longest I have ever been on a diet is about 3 1/2 weeks. And, FYI - I don't like peanut butter, or cheese, or sausage or bacon.
Ben: Well, I love rootbeer floats and I'm never going on a diet from them. I think they need me more than I need them.
Ali: Have you ever been on a diet?
Ben: I am always on a diet, so do you really call it a diet?
Ali: What do you not eat that you want to be eating?
Ben: Nothing.
Ali: Then you're not on a diet.
Ben: Here's my diet. I am eating a tuna fish sandwich on wheat right now, but instead of using mayo, I use ranch on everything.

I thought that was so funny. Only a guy would think that ranch is better for you than mayo. And, only for a guy could that theory possible yield any weight loss results.

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Amanda said...

Great. Now I am having an intense craving for a rootbeer float - which actually was my most craved food while Sophie was a bun in the oven. I'm rambling. I can't wait to hear about your travels!