To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, June 6, 2011

Dear Male Senator(s), Athletes....

... and all men in general,

Should you feel inclined to take a photograph of anything and send it to any lady or ladies, these are photos we as ladies are cool looking at:

1. photos of diamonds or other jewelry
2. photos of flowers
3. photos of your grandparents, parents, friends, kids, nieces, newphews, etc.
4. photos of your dog
5. photos of your bank statements
6. photos of your six-pack, but only if you have one.
7. If, and only if, you have to take a photo of SOMETHING, you can send a photo of your latest meal OR some awesome car, but please do this sparingly, because seriously, we don't care AT ALL. But, at least it's not offensive.

And, these are photos we have LESS THAN ZERO interest in seeing:

1. Photos of anything or anyone that may have died or been really injured.
2. Photos of some injury or illness in which you are about to self-operate or cure.
3. Photos of anyone's cat.
4. Photos of people who have fallen asleep - this is only interesting to men.
5. photos of other girls you might find hot
6. photos of ANY kind of bowel movement.
7. Photos of your junk. - Serious NO ONE wants to see this. NO ONE. Trust me, I took a poll.

*** Please note, this opinion is not solely mine, but reflects the views of all NORMAL women. So take note.

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Pierce + Stacy Thiot said...

I was just reading about the Senator who tweeted a pic of his junk... and lied about it and then told the truth, yadda yadda. This post reminded me of that. :)