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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hunger Games

Any of you read that book, The Hunger Games? I read most of it, then I got distracted, because I am totally like that. And, so I think I have a few chapters left. But, anyway. It's pretty good, because it LUDICRIS? Or is it???

This guy doesn't think so.

Jaron sent this to me today. Lately he is my most constant form of true entertainment. He finds the raddest stuff. I am pretty sure he spends his days reading magazine articles from across the globe. Plus, he's a Socialist. So, as you can imagine he's VERY entertaining. Honestly, read it. It's rad... a guy who wants to play chicken with a lion = Awesome! I love how the interviewer is totally making fun of the dude, and he of "superior" intelligence, doesn't even realize it.

As, I read this little interview, I was reminded of the time when Brad Maza and I were driving in his car to play racquetball. And, his mom called and the conversation went something like this...

Brad's Mom: Hi honey, I was calling to ask you if you heard about Sigmond and Floyd?
Brad: Who are Sigmond and Floyd?
Brad's Mom: Those boys down in Vegas. The ones that play with the cats. One of them gotten eaten today!
Brad: You mean, Siegfried and Roy?!?

That conversation has had me laughing for years now. But, then again, maybe I am just really easily amused.

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