To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Passions and Peeves

I used to be WAY better at blogging. I’d post something at least a few times a week. Lately, it seems as if my posts are not only really sporadic, but also entirely about random things that make me laugh… which, if you know me, means I COULD in theory blog about, well… just about anything. So I decided to actually post about me and my most recent passions. We all know I have a ton of these including, but not limited to: running, candy, Lionel Ritchie, my nieces and nephews, fresh flowers, clean laundry (especially towels, sheets and blankets), my new house (which isn’t really new anymore, but I haven’t lost my obsession with it) and MANY other things. All of these passions is still around… the only one I got rid of was diet coke (for now, I am not making any promises though). But, these are all new:

1. Our backyard… it’s an island paradise! Marci moved in (which made our house even better because she’s wonderful, and brilliant and bendy) and she turned the backyard into this Garden of Eden Utopia! I am just waiting for her to “cue the deer”. I makes me smile everyday!

2.Gum. I’ve always liked gum. I, like Monica (from Friends), will always have gum. My nieces and nephews love me for it. They love new flavors. So, I have to test them all out, so as to impress. My new favorites are Trident Splash Citrus and Blackberry and Orbits Sangria something-something (please note, this is not the official name, I just can’t seem to remember it). They are both SO SO SO good.

3. Anna Sui perfume. I like the idea of perfume (and cologne) in theory. But, in reality 99.9% of them really irritate me. So for the past decade or so (no lie) I have been wearing Abercrombie & Fitch “8”. I like it. It smells fresh. But, I always rue the day that I run out of it, because that means I have to go back into that half-naked tween disco of a store where I can’t get anyone to help me because either I am not cute enough, cool enough or naked enough, or maybe it’s because I am just too old. So anyway, this perfume brings me such pleasure – not only does it smell nice, but they sell it at Anthropologie and people there like me!

4. Martin & Osa. It’s like J. Crew, but way less… nautical AND less expensive. They have the best T-shirts ever! Also, it smells woodsy! Just walking into that store makes me feel way more adventurous. It’s like R.E.I. for people who hike in espadrilles.

5. Runner’s World. I love this store. They make you test your stride and foot patterns to fit you for the perfect shoes. It’s so cool and kind of fun. Most people only go in there when they need new shoes. But, I sometimes want to go in there just for fun. In the same vein, I also make my friend Kara test me for diabetes every time we go out to eat. (Fortunately, I have not yet contracted it!)

6. 0+ yogurt. It’s SO good. Being as skittles are technically my favorite fruits, I am not really all that into being all natural or organic or healthy or anything. But, they have the yummiest pomegranate and berry combo flavors. Divine.

7. My nieces and nephews stripper monikers. My nephew Ethan (a.k.a. Muffin – not my friend, but the original Muffin) loves his nickname. And, he said the funniest thing to me when I was buckling him into his car seat a few weeks ago. I asked him if he was all buckled in but I called him “buddy”. He turned to me and said “you’re supposed to call me muffin cupcake.” I LOVE IT. So, now that’s my nickname. It goes well with the one my other nephew, Christian, gave me, “Bubbles”. I am thinking about getting a night job!

8. “Definitely Maybe.” I saw it in the theaters 3x. And, now I own it. (Marci doesn’t like it. It’s her only flaw so far).

9. Surfing. I want to be Blue Crush good. But, I can’t even stand up on the board yet… so we have a ways to go. I am trying to look like this:

10. Lilly. She’s my new beach cruiser. She’s purple. And, Morgan bought her a bell that reads “I love my bike”. (Ask Morgan about her bell that reads: “I love my mom”.) I bought her on the 4th of July. (I recently decided that I want to buy myself large presents for every holiday. As you can imagine, I am thrilled for Labor Day, followed by Ramadan. So, I am not Islamic, no big deal, I’ll buy myself a slightly smaller gift, in honor of the Islamists all around the world.)

11. Flipping Out. It’s a reality TV show (on Bravo I think) about this guy who is really OCD and SO crazy. He is SO SO SO crazy! But, the guy is such a genius when it comes to flipping houses. They turn out beautiful. Seriously, it's so entertaining.

12. The Caylee Anthony case. Only because this is the one that interests me at the moment. The sad truth is when I was young I wanted to be a Forensic Psychologist. No Joke. When I got to choose the book for my first middle school book report, I chose Helter Skelter (about Charles Manson), I read the Perfect Murder, Perfect Town book (Jon Benet Ramsey), I watched the ENTIRE O.J. Simpson trial everyday after school when I wasn't folding clothes at The GAP (I had 11 AM release) and I was so into the Scott Peterson trial, I listened to the recap all the way to and from work. I am weird, I know! There is just something about sociopaths that totally intrigues me! So right now, I am vehemently interested in the Caylee Anthony case... unfortunately I think the little princess is gone forever... she so cute!


Aubrey said...

After reading your post I totally went to anthro to do a little shopping and while I was there looked to see if i could find that anna sui perfume but had no luck. :( and i think we need to ween you off of the abercrombie 8. no bueno.

Jody and Jake Moore said...

Ali - I LOVE you and I LOVE your Abercrombie perfume. Whenever I walk by that store and catch a whiff I think of my dear sweet friend Ali B! You are a gem. - Jo