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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ringing in the New Year!

Everyone knows how much I love Vegas! I mean it runs a close second to my love of Lionel Richie. Anyway... I am not going to give too many details, well because I still haven't had much sleep since 2008. But, I'll give the fragmented highlights/lowlights.

Cafe Rio (2x)... shopping at the outlets in Primm... 16 people/2 rooms... dragging the strip at midnight... lots of drunken groping and inappropriate advances (my favorite by far was the guy who said to Robin "How about I take you to a corner and pay you by the hour" - I was proud of her, she didn't give the guy her number!)... really cold weather (unless you came from Utah, then it was a relief)... Pete jumping into the Bellagio Fountain for $76 (pre-paid)... getting let into a dance club for free by a guy I went to high school with - CrAzY how small the world is... 4 hours of sleep both nights... air mattresses... hot tubbing (ok, not really, I didn't go in, but we did lounge while Tim went in)... story time... Cheesecake Factory... Roadrunner Steakhouse... midnight bowling... football... candy... movies (that bored me to tears... except Juno)... RIDICULOUS Facebook photo tagging/commenting aftermath!

That about covers it. But, here are some photos, just a few... in case I missed anything.


Amanda said...

I'm a little bit jealous. On New Year's Eve my sister and her family came to visit us and she and I both got the stomach flu and our husbands took the kids out to dinner so we could vomit in peace. The End.

Ashlee said...

Ya, I should have come. I was hoping for a better New Years than the one I got. I have learned my lesson by now...Vegas ALWAYS wins. (haha in so many ways that is true).