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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Amazing A-Dizzle Duo!

So, it's becoming increasingly difficult to do things I have never done before...
Or done for a long time! This was the first time since grade school, I had worn a backpack! And, I was super excited about it! Seriously, I am dork! I KNOW!
But, luckily I have great friends and a roommate, that are always willing to help me try.
This weekend we did the Great Urban Race in downtown L.A. It was a blast. A five (5) hour scavanger hunt where we ran and took public transportation all over L.A., Hollywood, and Santa Monica.

Diz was my partner and we were "The Amazing A-Dizzle Duo".

We joined forces with my friends Jenny and Jean. And, lucky for us, Jenny's husband Anthony was on-call all day to route us wherever we had to go... to the sundial at Our Church of the Angels, Sunset Blvd., the Hollywood walk of Stars, hotels, shelter, McArthur Park, etc.

We rode the metro and the bus. I found myself around lots of poles... and, I just couldn't help myself!

But, we weren't THAT amazing! And, although we thought our costumes were so cute...

we didn't have anything on these people!

Hopefully, we'll do better next year. But, we did have a snag with the L.A. protest closing down a lot of the streets we needed.


Brett Fisher said...

Meeethinks this is the coolest thing I have EVER seen!

Sandra Nixon said...

I loved your cute outfits! I have never heard of such a race, how cool! (and how lame for me, i get alot of never-before-known-to-me tidbits on your blog. do I hear about anything?)

Ali B. said...

So. I just found out that we came in 226th place (out of 480 teams). Next year we are calling ourselves a little less than amazing A-Dizzle Duo.

April said...

I don't know what he is talking about. I think the first picture is cute!