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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monkey Magic!

I have known Claire for 8 years now. She was my first friend when I moved back to California after college. And, she is still one of my closest. I call Claire "Monkey", always have... can't even remember why.

My friend "Monkey" is totally talented! She can find such junk and make it look amazing... it's magic... "Monkey" magic! This weekend, she showed me some of her tricks.

We headed out to the Goldenwest Swap Meet... which could quite possibly be the shadiest place that ever existed. They have been known to try to sell free matchboxes from 7-11 sans any matches, the top (ONLY the top) of a See's chocolate box, and A child's sock (just one... for those of you with one legged children).

But look what I found! Treasures!

Ugly, right?!? Way ugly, huh?!? I paid $85 for all of this! A bargain right?!?

I know they don't look like much... but with a little help...

We did this!

I bought this bench for $20. I bought the fabric for $9 and the batting for the padding for $14. I bought the paint for $8. $51! (Plus, I paid $17 each for the pillows). Isn't this so pretty? I even had a little extra fabric left over to redo the pillow on the chair across from the bench in the "breezeway".

For $40, I bought this bookcase. (Then I had to pay $5 to the little teenager to drive it carry it out to my car. And, $3 for bungee cords to keep it inside my trunk as I drove home.) I paid $10 for the new green acrylic knobs and $10 for the paint. $68! I can't wait to put books in it!

I paid $25 for this cedar chest. It still smells like cedar when you open it. I paid about $15 for the paint. So, for $40 I got this great piece to go at the end of my bed! I LOVE it!

Don't you all want a little "Monkey" magic?

Thanks Claire! I LOVE my new furniture. And, I love you! I can't wait to go back!


Pierce and Stacy said...

I am SO jealous. But, that's why Ikea exists for me! :)

Sara said...

That is amazing! I love the bench. Good job domestic godesses.

The last Unicorn said...

How in the world do some people have such a knack for making old things look so new and stylish! I don't have a ounce of those skills.
Maybe I can borrow your monkey when I get a house to decorate!

m spot said...

amazing. seriously amazing.

can we do this again and buy stuff for me?

melissa said...

i absolutely love all of your furniture!! I have always wanted a real cedar chest... what a great find! Your house is so cute.

Kari said...

Kari's motto: Just paint it.

It's true, right?