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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sounds like a threat to me!!!

So, my sweet sweet nieces figured out that a.) blogs exist; b.) I have one and c.) they have the ability and skills required to post comments on it! (I am not going to lie, I find this amazing, since they are 8-soon-to-be-9 and 7 years old.)

So they have been posting comments all day long... and it's cute, and it makes me smile... except I think it MAY have just gotten ugly, but you tell me what you think!?!

Preface: My niece Chloe will be 9 tomorrow. So, I called her on Saturday, while I was at Target, to ask her what I could buy her for her birthday. I was so determined to actually get her a gift before her birthday came and went (no luck there Chloe Beth, but it's on it's way, I promise). Anyway, she tells me that her little heart wants what is called an E-pet. I believe that I bought her and E-pet for her last birthday, but apparently she wants another one. No biggie, they are pretty inexpensive. So, of course I agreed. How else am I going to keep the best aunt ever status?!? Then Olivia gets on the phone and says that I can't buy Chloe another E-pet because she'll have 2 and Olivia will only have 1. She pleaded a good case, but I told her that I would buy her one on her birthday, which is February and CLEARLY that will not do! Chloe would have an additional E-pet for 8 months longer than she wouldl! It was just an injustice of the grandest proportion!!! Olivia basically hung up on me and she was in a funk!

Now, on to the dialog posted in the comments of various posts on my blog throughout the last few days:

Olivia: i love you ali and just so you know this is olivia your niece. i love your blog so much!!

Chloe: I love you Ali! And this is Chloe your other niece. LOL! I love your blog! (mostly because we are in it) LOL! Your the best aunt ever! And we had so much fun with you!

Me: What could be better than my 8-year-old niece typing LOL!?!

Olivia: ali this is olivia again how can you post a comment on your own blog??? i can't believe you can i miss you very much (not just your gum but you also LOL LOL LOL) did you see that i love you p.s chloe's birthday is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!

Me: Livy Kate! I can do all sorts of amazing things... commenting on my own blog is only one of them! LOL! I love you too. I miss you guys! And, I totally know it's Chloe's birthday! I am super excited, even though I don't get to be there! :( But, I will call her, and hopefully, I can talk to you too, what do you say?!?

Olivia: i say yes you can talk to me but i need to know one thing are you getting chloe an epet?????

OH MY... YIKES... I am pretty sure I am toast... How do I keep my favorite aunt status with both of them?!?

Especially since it was already in jeopardy apparently... because Chloe later posted this:

Chloe: I know I wrote to you yesterday, but I just couldn't resist! You are my one of my favorite aunts after all. Anyway, just wanted to say hello and thanks for going on the trip with us! (P.S You are the best aunt in the world!) ( P.S.S Just so you know, this is Chloe)

DEAREST CHLOE... let's talk "You are one of my favorite aunts after all?!?" ONE OF??? Who else buys you every flavor of gum your heart ever desired?!? NO ONE!!! Have any of your other aunts ever bought you an E-pet? Or a webkin? (Because I have bought you both!!!) I must know who else is even in the running!?! (Not that you aren't awesome Julie, Jennica and whoever is on the other side of the family, but come on!!! I have been working on this for nearly 9 years!!!)

Chloe?!? "One of your favorite aunts?!?" I better be your VERY VERY VERY favorite aunt! Does that sound like a threat... good!

And, if that doesn't work, your E-pet is in the mail! (Sorry Livvy Kate!) Happy Birthday pretty girl! I sure do love you!

I guess, I can't win them all!!! But, I am going to keep trying.


Anonymous said...

i am so mad that you are getting chloe an epet SO SO SO mad i am always going to be mad cause she will have 3 epets (her friend ciana is getting her one ) and that is SO not fair cry cry cry cry cry cry cry

Anonymous said...

oh and daddy is having surgery today!

Anonymous said...

chloe's epet is not here yet are you sure you sent it to the right address?

Anonymous said...

wait on the first comment i messed up chloe is getting 2 epets not 3 sorry

Anonymous said...

i forgive you but i'm still kind of mad ok i admit i am super mad and now i'm boiling hot ARRRRGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

hello ali! and yes you are one of my favorite aunts. Sorry! and you spelled webkinz wrong. You said webkin. It is webkinz. LOL! Ali! Oh and, WHERE IS MY E-PET! I'm not trying to be rude but where is it!? Anyway, thanks for sending it to me! TTYL!

P.S I love you Ali!

Anonymous said...

P.S.S Sorry I forgot to ell you two things.
(1) It is chloe. and (2) TTYL, Well it should be TTYT. (Talk to you tomorrow) Anyway, sorry bout that!


Anonymous said...

now i really forgive you i am so sorry i was mean i love you and i am not mad anymore

Ali B. said...

I am so glad LivvyKate... that was a rough week of not being your favorite Aunt! I sure do love you! I will talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

guess what today is the 4th of July!!!!!!!! i can't wait until tonight i can imagine the fireworks bursting in the air it will be great i hope your 4th of July will be just as great!

olivia said...

hi ali how are you your blog is really turning out greater than before to day we are going to see papa's new work it will be fun

Ali B. said...

Hi LivvyKate! I miss you! But, luckily I get to see you in 5 days!!! Yea!

Papa got a new job? You think he'd tell me!?! Oh, maybe you mean his brand new office! That'll be fun. Give him a kiss for me.

I sure do love you!