To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So, I decided that I am too opinionated about things I really don't care about. Seriously. It's ridiculous. Maybe, it's because I just like to talk, even if I have nothing to say. Maybe it's because my family used to tease me about not having opinions about anything. Maybe it's because my family has SO many opinions and I am trying to fit in. So, I got some! Man, did I get some. Now, I'd like to get rid of some.

Today I decided my goal was to be diplomatic... all day long! I just got home from work and it's 11:30 PM, so I didn't really stop what I was doing too much to have too many occasions to be diplomatic - only two, actually.

The first one went well. Here's the scene. I am at my desk and my administrative assistant brought me in this paper from a financial institution wanting me to review one of our subcontractor’s performance. The questionnaire asked really basic questions about how they performed as a contractor. So, I had to check with the Project Manager that worked with the subcontractor to get an accurate response.

Ali: Can you tell me how this subcontractor performed while working for us?
RS: Sure, they were cheap! Really cheap. But, they f#%*ed up A LOT. I mean A LOT. They delayed the schedule. It took them three times to get it right, but in the end, they pulled it off and they were SO cheap.
Questionnaire: How was the contractor's performance?
My response: All work completed.

Pretty diplomatic, right?

The second one did not go so well. Jonathan came into my office (which is usually when all diplomacy leaves, I am automatically in defensive sarcastic mode! And, it's HIS fault).

Jonathan: I am leaving now.
Ali: K, see ya.
Jonathan: That's it? That's all you have to say?
Ali: Um... K, see ya tomorrow?!?
Jonathan: No you won't I am going to NY.
Ali: Oh ya, Have fun. See you when you get back.
Jonathan: Give me a pound.
Jonathan walks over and puts his fist out. We pound fists. I am an affectionate person by nature, but I have never felt the need or want to touch anyone in my office... it's dangerous for SO many reasons.
Ali: Just so you know, only you and my SPECIAL uncle high five me and pound fists with me.

Not so diplomatic.

Oh well, there's always tomorrow... and the next day... I am pretty sure I'll be a work in progress for a while!


Amanda said...

You have an administrative assistant? You sound so grown up and professional. This is where we differ (not on the administrative assistant, although we do differ on that). I am always trying to say what I really think instead of keeping it all in. How does one do that?

Stacy Girl said...

ohh..who's the "special uncle?"

Ali B. said...

Stace! No worries, it's definitely not your dad. He's my favorite uncle, very different from Special. I was talking about my mom's brother Steve. He's passed on... so we're good.

Jordan said...

I think we all know who the SPECIAL uncle is...
I can't stop laughing!

Jordan said...

Oops - I read your comment after I commented. I'll give it to Steve, but I'm pretty sure my dad has given you a high five before ;).