To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

We are taking a poll!!!

I have never done a poll on my blog before. So, hopefully I can figure it out.
Meet Robin... So cute, bubbly personality, hair to die for, very "kissable lips", she gives guys tingles (just ask her), eyes that pop, everyone LOVES to see Robin - she lights up a room and she loves everyone (even the unlovable)... let's face it, she's almost perfect.



I would like EVERYONE to vote that she needs to throw these sweats out.

Robin is petite, but these sweats are trying to prove me wrong! I mean I LOVE sweat-type pants more than anyone, but these... Oh these are SSSSOOOO bad.

She wouldn't even let me take a photo of her because she KNEW how bad these look, but still, she wears them.

Hopefully, we can make her stop!


The last Unicorn said...

I have to step in here to defend Robin and say... keep the sweats!!! I know they are unfashionable and not very flattering. Given that 90% of the time, Robin dresses quite classy... I love the fact that she will still show up in public wearing these kinds of sweats. She is down to earth and doesn't really care what people think as long as she is feeling good about her self. She is a pleasant little package full of surprises. Expect the unexpected when it comes to Robin... including a wardrobe that contains these "comfy" sweats.

Anonymous said...

Hot dang, give me her digits!! No seriously, comfort counts for something. Now, if this was for a nice dinner, I'd be on your side Ali... Buuut in this case, all I have to say is YUMMY ;)

~ Pierre ~

P.S. If you see this Robin- CALL me!

Aubrey said...

First and foremost, let me just admit that I have a little girl crush on Robin. I mean, let's face it, she's totally adorable, as was already stated by Ali in this blog. But...that dreaded word...I agree. The sweats gotta go. Sorry Robin.

Haws Paws said...

Hi all, Haws here. I'm calling in to support my dear friend and sister-in-law once removed (kind of). Robin is a beacon of truth, virtue, love, happiness, rainbows, unicorns, everything special and the American way. In the words of Patrick Henry, "Give me liberty, or give me death!" Part of Mr. Henry's vision was a free America where people would be able to wear sweat pants without persecution! Robin, bless your precious heart. You keep it real girl.

Naco said...

Oh Robin...dear Ali is right. Perhaps a pair of "strechy pants" would do you more justice...okay, j/k about those, but yes. LOOSE THE SWEATS (Auntie Ali will buy you another more flattering pair ;)

k8 said...

i love robin and i say yes...dump the sweats.