To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Running Music for Real Men!"

Yesterday I took my ipod to work and plugged it into my speakers on my desk. I spent the better part of the day listening to A Fine Frenzy. I listened to all the songs of theirs that were on my Ipod on repeat ALL DAY. It was great.

But, last night I had a total scare! I was slated to run 16 miles today (although I only did 10 because I am a slacker - and still sick) and I CAN'T run without my Ipod. And, as I was mentally preparing for my run last night, I remembered that my Ipod was still at work! (And no doubt playing all the songs available by A Fine Frenzy on repeat STILL).

I had 3 Ipods for this very reason, I CAN'T run without one (and I misplaced one for a time and then found it again). I considered myself very lucky to have 3. Perhaps too lucky. So, a few months back I gave one away to someone poor and less fortunate than I. My friend Eric, who you all know as muffin. He is a student and by definition, less fortunate (meaning without an Ipod).

I resisted my urge to drive to work and it was too late to buy a new Ipod, so I asked Eric if I could borrow mine back. Lucky for me, he doesn't know how to erase my music and add his. So, my songs are still on there.

It was late when I went to Eric's house to pick up the Ipod. When I walked in he was asleep on the couch. I said his name a few times and he didn't wake up. But, I saw my old Ipod on the kitchen table, so I grabbed it and left.

Only this morning when I went to go running I quickly found out that I had taken someone else's Ipod. Oops. (Sorry Heman, I think maybe it was yours!) So, there are only a few options to choose from on his Ipod one playlist is called "Running Music For Real Men!" (Note, the ! was in the title, I did not add this emotion).

Oh man, it was total metal music. It was pretty different than the goofy Top 40 stuff I usually run to. But, it worked... kind of. Ok, if I am being honest, it sucked (for me). It was total guy music. But, I did come across one song I quite liked, so of course I put it on repeat. It was "Breaking Habits" by Lincoln Park. And, I have to say. Well done Lincoln Park good man-lyrics. There is nothing I like better than a man who is willing to figure himself out, take accountability and do something about it.

The only downfall to the man music is that now that I am home I have a total urge to punch something! What is that about?!? I am going to shake it off by going to the mall with my mom.


Jody and Jake Moore said...

Ali you are rad and I love your parents. Give them a big kiss from me.


Ali you are hilarious and uplifting! I LOVE your blog! I don't even know if you remember me. I met you once in Arlington, Tx, while we still lived in the 1st ward there. I just saw your parents, brother and sister at Stacy's wedding open house last week. It was great to see them again! They are so awesome! I told them, and thought I should tell you that I love your blog, and whenever I need a pick-me-up I read it. Which is at least a couple of times per week! LOL! You have awesome writing abilities and I think you ought to take up that friend on the writing offer! I'd buy your books in a second! :) THANKS for sharing your insights and humor with the world! Big hugs!

Kari said...

I'd love to take a pic with those Utah poof things in my hair, but fortunately I'm not one that adds much height to my hair. Although I probably should since I'm such a shorty!

Ali B. said...

Teri - of course I remember you. It seems to me that you and I chased around 9 2-year-old boys in the nursury together one summer. Thanks for the compliments. Glad my life could make you laugh, want to trade? I hear you have 3 kids now, and therefore my dream job. I sure hope you love it! Take Care.

Demandra said...

When I worked at the convent in downtown LA, I would often listen to Real Man! music. Namely, Rage Against the Machine. Really, it's not a good idea to listen to "Eff you I won't do what ya tell me!" before going into a nun-filled workplace.

Maybe if you keep listening to the Real Men's Running Music, you might take up boxing? Or weight lifting?