To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


It's been about 10 months since I was in some sort of a Presidency. It seems like it's that time AGAIN. After spending 4 years in 2 RS Presidencies, I am now a Counselor in the YW Presidency. It makes me feel young and old at the same time. It's funny how that works! But, thanks to my YW calling, I am starting to feel almost "cool" and almost famous.
Back in May we spent the entire day making packages for Soldiers in Iraq. It was a HOT day and we had to ride in a non-air conditioned bus for 2 hours ending up in Van Nuys (your favorite place Mo! - I gave it a shout out for you, don't worry!). It took even longer to get home, plus we had to pull over so that the bus driver could pee?!? (Come on man! I am not sure in the history of the world a bus full of teenagers had pull over so a grown man who does this type of thing for a living has to pee, but he did!) Anyway... there was this guy taking like a bazillion photos of us... and as it turns out I now appear on this website:

... so that's the almost famous part.

Now for the almost cool part. There are many reasons why I am almost cool... (too bad "cool" died in high school, so that's no longer going to get me anywhere)...

1. I love Motion City Soundtrack (their new CD is SO RAD), which according to Becki Judge makes me cool, AND I go to concerts.

2. I have a pair of gold sandals from Urban Outfitters, which according to Sydney Clayton makes me cool.

3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE sugar and ate chocolate cake for breakfast last week, which according to all of my YW makes me really cool (and a little odd).

4. I have a "real job". (I am not going to lie, even I think this is a little bit cool!)

5. I have a lot of clothes.

6. I was born on the same day of the year as my sister, but we're not twins, which according to Heidi Judge is "REALLY cool!"

7. I USED to be athletic, which according to Rachel Clayton makes me cool.

8. I KIND OF know the difference between Emo and Screamo music.

9. I have a house WITH roommates (awesome roommates).

10. I have a Disneyland Pass.


11. I have a pair of skinny jeans! (I am not going to lie, I only wear these around my girls, because I feel like I can't breathe OR sit in them. The girls call them "skinny jeans", I call them "standing room only" jeans.)
I am RAD, it's true.

I sure hope they NEVER find out that I have agreed to see a New Kids on The Block Concert with Diz and Morgan... that would completely wreck the status I've tried so hard to maintain... unless, of course, they don't know who NKOTB are... which could be the case, because they have no idea who Dennis Rodman is! That's weird, right?


ambyr said...

nkotb!!! My friends and I were totally planning on going to this concert, until we found that it was on sunday! what! You'll have to tell me all about it!!

Kari said...

You have the same birthday as your sister??? That's crazy? Which sister? My mom & brother have the same b-day, but I've never heard of siblings having the same one.

Ali B. said...

Kimberly and I have the same birthday. I was born on her 6th birthday. I like to tell myself that I was favorite present!

Aubrey said...

Ali, you ARE rad, this is true. And so is your new calling. Awesome.

Amanda said...

How did your marathon go?! I am dying for details!