To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week in Review - October 5-12

I have decided that I need a little more of a consistency with this blog, a few themes, if you will. As, I was driving home from another weekend in Vegas I thought about how often during the week random thoughts pop into my head that I can’t seem to shake and also about all the funny quotes I hear during the week that stick out to me. So, I decided, I am going to start doing a “Week in Review” every Sunday… at least I’ll try to do it every Sunday… and if I don’t actually get it up on Sunday, there is a way I can rig the blog to LIE for me, so you all think I am structured and organized, although any of you who know me KNOW I am definitely not.

So here we go… week in review for October 5 -12.

The 5th was Adam’s birthday. He is my older brother. He turned 36? Anyway… he is RAD. When I was little he would bend me in ways that only carni-folk could bend, in the name of wrestling. He was so industrious. Almost every game we ever played was created by Adam using only very few props (there was either-you-jump-off-the-roof-into-the-pool-or-I’ll-push-you, tape ball, pillow fights in which I never received a pillow only he and all his friends did, there was that time he made me get on the side of the van and then he catapulted me off into the palm trees) aaaaaahhhhh, memories. Sweet memories! And, there was that time he burned a hole in the carpet and made me sit on it and told me if I moved he’d kill me! I think I sat there for like 5 hours… MAN HE WAS MEAN! But, so much fun! I still remember the day he blessed Haley – he was so nervous and proud. It was the day I decided I wanted to marry someone just like him (but maybe slightly less abusive, but only slightly!) Happy Birthday!

First thought. I had NO IDEA Paul Newman was hot!

I go to Vegas WAY too much for someone that can’t drink the kool-aid, so to speak! Last weekend I went for the third weekend in 2 months. And, I saw a NKOTB concert. For those or you who are not cool that is New Kids On The Block. A guy in my office asked me “Are you serious? Why?” To which I replied, that I am not sure I like NKOTB, but I am sure I like my friend Morgan and I am sure she really wanted to go, so I went. It was ridiculous… but, so much fun!

“I don’t own a black bra, so I had to borrow one from my roommate. And, it turns out she is a 38 C. I, however, am not a 38 C, so does anyone need me to store anything in here for them? There is plenty of room.” (She literally pulls out a cell phone, money, credit cards, I.D. lip gloss and keys from the borrowed bra.)Kate’s friend in Vegas, Jessica Rice

“Ed Hardy is for dorks. Rich dorks.” (Morgs sent me the link to this blog that a friend had sent to her and I kept trying to get the name of the person who generated this funny quote, but I couldn’t find it, I am attributing it to some funny chic in P-town).

We were listening to the song Samson, by Regina Spektor and I am exclaiming how random, but good it is and then Robin says this: “I have totally heard this song. I heard it on Liz’s blog. I don’t know who Liz is, but she’s married to Collin and they seem to have a great relationship.”
Then, later in the week, when we were encouraged to go “viral” she said this: “I don’t have a blog, I am way to busy stalking other people’s blogs to have my own!”


Jody and Jake Moore said...

Ali - I love your life. Take me to Vegas? I wanna go!

Lisa said...

Ali Brinkerhoff?!?! Is that you!? It's Lisa Ethington. (now Orrell) I found you through Johnny & Stacy's blog.
Funny thing, I was just found my old high school journal and was reading about us driving around in our bras and hanging out with "the dudes". haha. You look fantastic. I hope everything is great with you.

Sandra Nixon said...

Yes!! Thank you for promising to post regularly, i seriously love your blog. I read parts of it to my husband while laughing my head off. I miss you! You always make me laugh.
Your biggest fan,