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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Bittersweet Week in Review

So, it's only Wednesday, which is random for my week in review. But, this has been a rollercoaster of a week for me - a total life changing one.

I am basically not a serious person. Is this evident from reading my blog? But, today I feel a total need to be honest and real (I promise it won't happen too often, I wouldn't want to lose any readers).

This week I made one of the hardest and most emotional decisions of my life. I took a new job. And, I am very excited for the new challenge. I am thrilled to be spending more time doing what I was trained and educated to do. It all happened REALLY fast. The job that I got offered was too hard to refuse, it's a great choice for me career wise. Plus, it's exactly 12 minutes from my house! But, taking the job means that I have to leave Joe, which in all honesty breaks my heart.

Today was a rough day. I knew that it was going to be a rough day when I got all choked up at 8:30, when the estimator walked by and said he'd miss me. I started crying. I instantly thought, 'who is going to tell me about their hemorrhoids'. I LOVE all of the people I work with... well ALMOST all. I have never worked at a place where I just thoroughly enjoyed my co-workers SO much. They became such great friends, which was unexpected. Michelle, Nancy and Theresa I have known for years. They are the most giving, caring, sweetest, thoughtful, funny, goofy and all around enjoyable women I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Maria came along later than the rest, but I instantly liked her sassy and spunky attitude (I’ll always remember the way she bossed around Roosevelt). And, after years of BEGGING for help, we hired Roxanne. And, I LOVE Roxanne. She and I only worked together for five months, but I instantly liked her - much to the chagrin of all the guys upstairs who were really hoping to see some catfights! She became a friend almost instantly! She told me it was normal when I bawled like a baby today. She made me fondant covered cupcakes for my birthday although she only knew me for a few weeks. She’s loyal like a friend I’ve known since I was little. And, I am CERTAIN she would have made me a scrapbook, if I’d have given her more time! When I took the job at Reyes, it was without hesitation, I knew that I would enjoy it! But, I had no idea that I would become so attached.

When I told Joe all that I had been offered and my reasons for wanting to take a new job, he of course was great about it. And, he told me two things: "Don't steal all my proposals" and "Don't blog about me!" I never have been too good at following orders, I tend to nod my head, but do what I want anyway. So, one out of two isn't bad.

I am ALWAYS blogging about Joe! Joe is so fun. But, I mainly seem to blog about him being my own personal Santa, which he is. However, the truth is, the "Santa" part of Joe doesn't even make the list of my favorite things about him. Joe is, in all honesty, one of my very favorite people ever. I still remember the day I met Joe, six years ago. He made me smile right off the bat. First, he teased me for being Mormon. Then he teased me for being blonde. Then he teased me for being white, not just white, but “white white.”

Ever since my mom told Joe I had a "blog" I have had to watch what I say on it, which stinted the humor just a little. But, hopefully he still checks it every once in a while, because if not, think of all of fun things from the office I could have shared. But, most importantly, because I wouldn't want him to miss this tribute.

Joe, thank you for being the most generous person I know. I am so impressed with all that you do for other people, especially what you do when no one else is looking. Thank you for being fun. Thank you for being kind. Thank you for spoiling me and all of my friends. Thank you for trying to get me to drink EVERYDAY for six years straight - that joke NEVER got old, it always made me laugh. Thank you for telling me what a great wife and mother I'll make someday. Thank you for offering to set me up with all of those cholos who drive low-riders. Thank you for always asking me to invite you to my wedding (because A. that means you think I'll get married and B. you still know they'll never let you in to "the great white building"). Thanks for making sure I was safe and well taken carry of (except when you hired that recently paroled murderer, as a "favor" for your friend). Thanks for making me laugh almost everyday for the past six years. Thank you for teaching me how to salsa dance OR try. Thank you for driving all the way to Saint George to see me cross the finish line. Thank you for all the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners - if you think about it you were actually responsible for making sure I had new clothes and shoes, because you were also responsible for me growing out of all the old ones. Thank you for sharing your business and your life with me. Thank you for telling me that you are happy for me and proud of me. But, more than anything, thank you for understanding why I had to go and letting me. I promise you, it was way harder for me than it could ever have been for you! I am a better woman for knowing you. Plus, I know a lot more Spanish cuss words!

I hope you DO call me everyday. That'll make it so much easier for me, even if all you need is for me to spell c-a-t for you. I always loved being the world's only paid thesaurus.

I sure hope Theresa forgets to take my address off the invite list for the Christmas party! I mean, you DID let Manny Williams come, and there is no way you like him better than you like me. And, I won't even make you give me a T.V. if I get to come.

P.S. I have about 50 people who want my old job. Unfortunately none of them know how to write proposals.


Sandra Nixon said...

You won't lose me as a reader for your serious post, i loved hearing about your job.
I have to say that you did make one error when you wrote "I have never worked at a place where I just thoroughly enjoyed my co-workers SO much"... i mean, come on! are you forgetting forecast?!? I know it didn't have as many perks (unless you count the oldie grodie couches for taking naps on) but you did have great co-workers!
I hope you love your new job and shorter commute.

Kari said...

I don't know how to write a proposal???? I graduated in tech writing, my friend. I just don't WANT to write proposals! But maybe for your job...

Pierce and Stacy said...

I cried. And I cried a lot. I'm an emotional person. That was sweet. The whole time I was reading about you leaving your job... specifically Joe, I was thinking, "I'd move to Cali for that job!" I can learn how to write proposals, really, I can. I hope you love your new job and stay in touch with Joe. Thank you for your post.

Jordan said...

also crying and also considering proposal writing. I HEART YOU, JOE!!

The last Unicorn said...

Oh my gosh! I am shocked! I am sure though that the new job is going to be full of great opportunities for you. Just knowing you were willing to leave Joe says enough. Good luck on your new adventure. I can't wait to hear more about it :)

melissa said...

joe is so handsome too!!!

katy kathryn julia said...

Congratulations on the new job! I'm sorry to admit that I'm the only girl from my family who didn't cry while reading your post--there is the bitter, but I guess you could say I was more focused on the sweet. :) What a great place to work for six years! I hope you love your new job.

Amanda said...

That made me tear up too! And I DON'T EVEN KNOW JOE! Just the Joe stories through the years...I hope you love your new job!