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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week in Review (The things I learned edition)

Remember when I used to do the "Week in Review"?!? - Ok, let's be honest, I only did it maybe twice. But, I am pretty sure that my mom really liked it!

So, this past week has been filled with learning experiences! I would like to share them with all of my faithful readers. These are the things I learned:

1.) The best form of roommate communication happens when all 3 roommates are sitting on the same sectional, in the same room, watching T.V. and gchatting with each other.

2.) When you are at the office and your hair starts to really bug you and all you want to do is get it out of your face, but you don't have any bobby pins, paper clips work almost as well. No joke... I still have 3 in my hair, and it's been up all day!

3.) The NFL thinks it is necessary to have a Superbowl every year! (I won $25 schmackers from my office pool, and I didn't even watch one lick of the game, but it was on and I had a swarm of people over to my house for it.) Football is WILDLY overrated! - Sorry Morgs...

4.) Sometimes I don't even know that I don't know things... for example, I had a lesson at work about how to operate a fire extinguisher. But, actually, as it turns out, even without the lesson, I DID actually know how to do it... as should anyone over the age of 4. But, it was fun hosing down the water bottles for practice!

5.) If you want to feel young, or hip, or attractive, or better yet all of the above... go to Palm Springs. Turns out that it's a self-esteem city. (Don't hate me for wanting to have warmer weather, it's like 60 degrees here and we all have space heaters running on full speed).

6.) There is a very good reason that truck drivers eat like truck drivers - technically, they are always on vacation... and you can eat whatever you want on vaction right?

7.) The reason that G.W. couldn't find any "qualified" candidates for his cabinet was that his vetting strategy was just to find a few poeple who paid their taxes. Apparently, all the "qualified" ones "forgot" to pay their taxes. (Btw, who forgets to pay their taxes for years on end?!? It's not like the Government doesn't send out reminders, I am sure. Plus, if your primary source of income is derived by the payment of taxes CLEARLY you know how it works! - Democrats can be so "forgetful".)

8.) Ok, so seriously... this one is really cool and totally legit! My co-worker Roxanne and I were talking and somehow she brought up that I may have some unclaimed money. I thought she was joking, like my ancestors in Africa who are just dying to give me millions if they can only borrow my bank account number so they can store the money for a little while... But, seriously, she told me that after a specified amount of time, a payroll company, utility company, apartment community, bank, etc. that owes a person money and cannot locate the recipient (usually because a person moves) has to turn the sum amount over to the U.S. Treasury. The U.S. Treasury keeps that money (on a state level) FOREVER! So, I looked it up (you can do it for any state by googling "unclaimed money" along with the state's name). Of course, I didn't have any unclaimed money. But, my parents had $240 owed to them by some bank in Santa Barbara; my grandma is owed $42 from some WAY old no longer in existence bank in North Hollywood Hills (and she hasn't lived there for over 40 years); Claire got $125 from some utility company; and Jordan Brinkerhoff Parks Bath & Body Works owes you $80, I guess you forgot to pick up your check! I am expecting a kick back from all of you!


Jordan said...

OH MY GOSH!! That was my first job and I ALWAYS forgot to pick up my paycheck. I was so pumped when I got a real job and they just direct deposited my pay.
I had no idea that they held unclaimed money like that. I'm going to google it for everyone I know so I can deliver some good news too!

Kylee said...

Just for the record I also really enjoy your week in review!

And what do you think about me visiting you for my spring break?? Or at least for a few days?? I'll call you!

melissa said...

i love your blog ali!