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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

He's Back!

I haven't seen "my homeless guy" for a few months.

Jackie and I decided that he must be a snowbird-of-sorts, maybe downtown Santa Ana was too hot for him in the summer, so we figured that he must have gone somewhere else for a while.

This was big news in our office. Because today he showed up again! No one actually saw him, but we saw his fuzzy tiger blanket right between the cacti. He also brought with him a new stuffed monkey friend!

So this morning, my boss, and several other guys I work with decided to tell me the good news.
BZ: "You are going to be so happy. Your homeless guy is back! That should up your self-esteem."

He came back at the perfect time. Mainly because I haven't been drinking coke for a month or so. So, I wouldn't have seen him up close and personal anyway, had he come back before this week. But, the family reunion did me in. I caved. I fell off the wagon. I HAD to have coke... and I had to have it everyday! I am trying to get back on the wagon! It didn't take yesterday (although I only had one coke). And, it didn't take today either.

I just got back from buying a coke. And, I had this awkward little encounter with "my homeless guy."

MHG: Hey pretty girl!
Me: Hey. Where did you go?
MHG: I was looking for you pretty girl!
Me: Ha ha... whatever. No seriously?
MHG: You always dress so nice.
Me: Ummmm, ok, thanks.
MHG: Prettiest girl I've ever seen!
Me: Ha ha... ummm, ok, thanks.
MHG: Good to see you again.
Me: Ummm. Ya, you too actually. See ya.

My homeless guy has game!!!

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Amanda said...

Clearly he knows enough to appreciate a good dresser such as yourself...