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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Out of the Mouths of Teens

I have THE best Young Women EVER! Seriously, they are so bright and confident and darling and fun and lovable. They make my life better everyday! And, they say and do the greatest things!

The other day I was talking to my YW partner in crime Jean. I call her "Lefty" because she's like my left arm. She is often the main source of my sanity. Anyway, she and I were talking about dating. One of our YW always has a boyfriend... one after the other. So, I asked Jean if I could ask my YW for dating advice. Her response was this "NO WAY, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MARBLES? YOU CAN NOT ASK HER FOR ANY ADVICE." We both laughed. She was right. I couldn't.

Last night "Lefty" and I went up to Lake Arrowhead to spend the last night of Girls Camp with my favorite group of girls. One of my Laurels, Angi-the-wonderful, who is leaving for college was getting dating advice, gearing up for her college experience. She decided to ask the other girls from our ward to write down their advice. Ang let Jean and I look at it. We took notes. We were laughing so hard!


1. The scents Cinnamon, Vanilla and Lavendar attract guys.
2. Touch a guy's fingertips and neck and he will automatically be attracted to you.
3. Only show your best side to a guy until you have been exclusive for a while.
4. Don't try to hard, sooner or later it will get old.
5. Get rid of all of your facial hair, except for your eyebrows and keep those well plucked. (Mind you, I am sure that there is a lot of validity and truth to this. I mean, most guys wouldn't want to be around a chic with a beard and a stache, unless maybe she was making bank for it at the carnival - but, I just think this is the most hilarious piece of dating advice EVER!)

I think my girls might be onto something! Much to Jean's chagrin, I may take their advice. So, if you see me around town smelling like dessert and stroking guys' necks and fingers like a puppy, don't worry, it may look creepy, but I am just getting my game on!

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SLR said...

Will you email me that picture of me, Rick and Grace? It's priceless, thanks <3