To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Every single day...

... I find new things that remind me that I may or may not be old!

Some days it's that my bones hurt or make popping noises, other days it's that I realize I have a ton of wrinkles, or that I don't really know anything about Justin Beiber or that I do know and remember who Gary Coleman is and the exact T.V. show he was on.

Today it's that I bought some stuff from Talbots! Eeeeek. That's an old lady store! Right?!? Like Chicos?!? I told my co-worker that I bought some stuff from there and she wasn't alarmed. Jackie said that it's not REALLY an old lady store, but that it's just one that has an image problem. Maybe they need a PR firm. Who knows.

So, I am super in love with this website called It's such a rad website. It is for clothing what Kayak is for flights/hotels/vacations. I like it because you can shop by Designer or store and better yet, item and color. Some days I just feel like I need (more like want) something in particular. The other day it was a new yellow skirt, because I saw someone wearing one and I decided I needed one (of course, this is a NEED, and not a want... right?!? - Wrong, I know we might be able to do a shopstyle search in my very own closet, but whatever). So anyway... I shopstyle searched for a yellow skirt. And, I got 9 pages worth of options. They ranged from like $5 to $500. And, the one I liked best was from Talbots. So, I am just admitting it!

I also saw a lot of other cute things there which I may or may not have purchased. And, they were all SUPER cheap.

So are these mom clothes?!? Or grandma clothes?!? Because I thought they were actually really cute. But, what do I know?!?

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Kimberly Jones said...

Ha! Great minds (or OLD minds?!) think alike. I almost bought this exact skirt a few weeks ago. I've been contemplating Talbot's since they have lots of knee-length skirts, which are next to impossible to find anywhere else. I keep checking their web site and loading up my cart, only to back out of the purchase due to I-can't-possibly-be-old-enough-to-shop-here-phobia. That and no money! Sadly, the old hang-up stops me before the lack of money does.