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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Score one for Barron Hilton!

Paris Hilton cried over having to go to jail! (Not that I think a cavity search would be pleasant, the mere thought of it makes even me a little teary-eyed).
But, word on the street (a.k.a. KFI and People Magazine) is that Barron Hilton exed her from his will. She was said to have been lined up to receive anywhere from $25 to $60 million (depending on the source).

I kind of like of like the old guy! Not bad Barron.

Do you think he would start putting the BOM in his hotel rooms like J.W. Marriott?
Probably not - the chances seem slim...

Doesn't matter. I still like him.


Vanilla Vice said...

Sorry Ali, she's still getting a $30 million inheritance. That was a false report. said...

If she is getting the inheritance then I must remain on my quest to baptise her and marry her!

Ali B. said...

Can I still like Barron Hilton? Maybe he has a grandson I could convert and have Thom dunk him for me.