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Friday, July 6, 2007

Carbon Off-sets?!?

Please tell me this is a joke! I keep waiting for this lame idea to disappear, but it doesn't.

Carbon Off-sets?!? - Honestly, one of the dumbest ideas I have ever heard!

There is no possible way that works.

But, for giggles, let's say it did. For future generations to be globally secure from the 24 feet of melted glacier water that's going to surely sink us all (whatever, I think global warming is total bung too) we would need 2 things to happen:
1.) trillions of bazillions of trees planted to "off-set" all the carbon which is being wrongly hogged by those of us who just don't pay enough attention.
2.) We'd need to totally obliterate China... actually, probably all of Asia and Europe for that matter, probably even Australia... I guess Antarctica can stay and Africa and South America, since they don't O.D. on carbon, but the rest of the world... we just have to get rid of them, they really aren't taking this carbon issue seriously!


demopotous said...

Even though you are entitled to your own opinion; I hope you realize that the vast, vast majority of the scientific community, beleives that Global Warming really is a problem caused by our pollution. I assume that these people are much more educated about the environment than you are. So Im asking you to please not dismiss Global Warming as "total bung" until you have looked into it and learned all the facts.

Ali B. said...

I don't know why I feel the need to defend my position, since I have no idea who demopotous is. But, I HAVE looked into it, a lot. And there are also PLENTY of very well-educated scientific experts who, like me, think global warming is crap. I just happen to side with them. And, I am pretty sure there aren't many agreed upon "facts", there are just millions of opinions, some more well-reserached, some by industry professionals, and a lot by Al Gore who totally snowed Hollywood somehow, presumably because they all hate bush, so why not jump on Gore's band wagon?!?

Seymour Glass said...

well, whatever your opinion is on the global warming's a couple of things that everyone can agree on:
#1--people need oxygen
#2--people around the world are cutting down lots of trees (in addition to other actions that have a negative impact on the environment)
#3--planting trees is a good thing (produce oxygen, look nice, provide shade, also can be used to make stuff like maple syrup or rubber)
#4--even if planting trees to offset our carbon footprint isn't effectual, does that make any of #3 less true?)

Vanilla Vice said...

Having a giant concert that fails to raise awareness was not a good idea. How's that for your carbon offset. I don't think taking private jets and then planting more trees or pay someone else to use less solves the problem. We all need to use less and fly on a plane with everyone else.

Ali is right about scientists believing that global warming is crap. the vast POLITICAL scientific community believes it's real. Remember global cooling?

So what if the Earth warms? It's called evolution my friend. Let's evolve, demopotous. You can continue getting angrier, and we can all get cooler, I mean warmer.

Ali B. said...

I like trees. Trees are great. I like the earth. I do not wastefully abuse nature's resources. I NEVER litter. I give money to almost all homeless peoeple... oh wait, I seem to be getting carried away... that's not really the same kind of "green". But, I still think it's total crap. My friend Amanda sent me this link from Glenn Beck of CNN. I concur with HIS findings (and the findings of experts quoted therein).

f*bomb. said...

Gluttony, wastefulness, and general disrespect is just plain ick. Whether it's behavior in human relationships, the environment, or food, it's just plain bad form. Politicized or not, it's always a good idea to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Because, well--- why not?