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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Viva La Mexico!!!

Back in May we went to Cancun... just the girls... for one last single girl outing before we say hasta la vista to Miss Sara Jacobs... soon to be Hickman. Here's what happened before and after we all lost our souls at Senor Frogs!

"Booze Cruise 2007"
We went to the Isla Mujeres where we saw... a whole lot of nothing... but on the way back the entire boat got drunk, and I mean drunk! Unfortunately for us they had just enough equalibrium to stay inside the boat, although it was still entertaining.

We did rent a golf cart from Jenn's boyfriend (who she regretfully did not hold onto for long). This was the view from the back of the golf cart. Not Bad.

Basically, it rained... and rained... and rained... we read A LOT, and when we all basically ran out of books to read, we hopped on a bus and went into town, then past town and 45 minutes later arrived at Walmart! There are few things shadier than a Mexican Walmart... and I can't think of what they are at the moment... but, look how happy we are to (a) be on a bus and (b) take a 45 minute ride with a drunken bus drive to end up at Walmart!

We went to dinner at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. They didn't actually play any Jimmy Buffet song there (or Neil Diamond for that matter), but we were invited on stage to do the Macarena... just 5 little white girls doing the Macarena!

Jenn took her Mexican groove outside for a while and she rode a parrot?!? Yee haw!

J.J and Sara played with the Sombreros.

Cori and I hung out under the umbrella. (Notice how bright red my legs are. I managed to get ridiculously sun burned laying under an umbrella wearing SPF 50 sunblock IN THE RAIN... now how is that for talented!

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Paige said...

Ali..Why on earth did I not get invited on this sweet trip? I'm still single. Oh..And I've been to that Walmart in Cancun. Just last year in fact. Pretty funny huh. Anyway. I wish my invitation hadn't got lost in the mail. I love to travel..fill me in next time.