To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, March 3, 2008

My Monday Miracle...

This post may not seem noteworthy to some, but all who know me well will definitely agree, this is totally post worthy!

So, at this point in my life, after much introspection, I am pretty honest about what I am good at and what I am definitely no good at. And, I'll have you know, one list is MUCH longer than the other!

So, on the long list I have promptness... which I am CLEARLY no good at. I mean, to the point of ridiculousness. It's not that I mean to be late (and I mean LATE)... I just can't say no to ANYTHING or ANYONE... it's pathetic, I know. (I TOTALLY loved that part in 27 dresses where the dreamy guy makes the girl practice – who wants to try that with me?) So, I say yes to WAY more than I ever can get done in the time allotted for me and therefore, I am ALWAYS late, to everything.

My friends have wised up, now when I tell them that I am on my way and they ask exactly where I am, I can no longer pull of the 'in the parking lot' reply without a quick 'yea, but WHAT parking lot? In what city?'

I KNOW, it's bad! But, can I get away with calling it charming?!?

It's not my fault. It's a 'charm' I picked up from my mom! One time she picked my brother Mark and I up at 5:15 PM from Jr. High. (We got out at 3!) It wasn't that she overcommitted, it was that something fabulous was on Oprah - and this was before TiVo (and she never was really good with the VCR)... so we waited... on the curb... WITH THE PRINCIPAL... oh, and did I mention, it was the first day of school. Let me repeat – O.P.R.A.H.

I admit, I am scarred! So, you think I'd be better myself… ummm, not so much. I swear, I am trying.

Which brings me to the miracle of this post! - Today I arrived at work at 7:52 AM!

My boss asked who died! The Director of Operations asked if everything was OK at home. And, the V.P., well I think I scared the *$%# out of him, (oops)!

You never know, the lists might even out one day! - Stranger things have happened.

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Amanda said...

I definitely think you can get away with calling it charming. You just are.