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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


I am kind of a news junkie. And, because I LOVE listening to and reading the news, I often get a dose of not-so-much-news news. Today, I got a big dose of it.

So, apparently UC Davis conducted a study, the results of which gave us this gem of knowledge.

Drum roll please...

Women are far more likely to cry in the workplace than men.

Hello?!? Really? This is news... TO WHO???

Dear UC Davis, you wasted a good amount of grant money on something 99.9% of all people already knew... and the other .1% only don't know because they have no mental abilities.

Now, I like UC Davis, and I don't want to take away ALL their grant money for conducting such a lame study, but the only part I want to let them keep is the part that pays Colby Weeks' (my former roommate's husband) salary, I would hate for him to lose his job. But, maybe he could talk to someone about this.

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