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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obsessed... with the Living/Family Room (Day... oh we all know that plan didn't work)

Ok, so I know (and have been reminded by SEVERAL people) that I haven't updated my blog in a while. I am sorry... but I have been really busy. I will give the brief run down of the past week or so: work... work... work... fish picnic (I know... weird right??? I thought this sounded like a terrible idea, I think I actually said it was "food poisoning waiting to happen." But, actually eating salmon while sitting on the beach watching the sunset was kind of fun!)... work... dinner and watching 'Definitely, Maybe' for the 2nd time - I love that movie, work... work... chores/errands, Boomers for bowling and skee ball - I LOVE skee ball, Dan you still owe me... something... I can't remember what we bet, but I know I won, breakfast for dinner, work... work... hockey game... updating my blog (although I should be working, since I currently have 2 full-time jobs)... this one is mainly for you, Robin! - Hope you're having fun!

Oh, but wait! Somewhere in the middle of all that I got the couch!!! Yea, it was SO time to get it. And, even though it wasn't exactly right and Pottery Barn has to come trade out one of the sections, I don't even care! I am stoked. And, everyone that knows me and visits is stoked to not have to sit on the floor. And, to everyone who ever called me neurotic for rearranging all the pillows ON THE FLOOR everyday... I am done with that! And, you’re welcome.

Statistics: Well, it turns out this living/family room is NOT large enough to fit a 4-piece Pottery Barn sectional, but it IS large enough to fit a 3-piece sectional, and a few little tables and the HUGE 47" (I still maintain that Aaron and I are right on the dimensions, we picked it out, we should know!) LCD TV (thanks again Joe!) Oh and it has a fireplace which is SO cute! And, it's painted "Moonlight Dance" - Dizzy and I stayed up until 4 AM the day before we moved in for that!

Notice the camping chairs. We HAD to have them in the family room because we didn't have a couch for 10 weeks... It nearly killed me... the camping chairs that is.

Living/Family Room Shout Outs: Ok, let's see. Thanks to the delivery people at Pottery Barn for setting up my couch, but I sure wish you wouldn't have stepped on my rug with your shoes! - I almost had a heart attach. Thanks to the boys (but, mostly Aaron) for setting up the T.V. and showing me how to use it 18x or so. And, I am still trying to figure out how exactly "there are 3 remotes, what could be a bigger turn on than that" works. Thanks to Erik for hanging my shelf, it was small, but deadly. (With a special thanks to my mom, who had to coordinate way too much to get that stuff to me. I love you more than you'll ever know, and not even a little of it has to do with your discount.) Everything else Dizzy and I put up and together... because, OF COURSE, we are amazing!

Sponsors: Well, my most fabulous boss EVER, Joe was the BIG Sponsor on this one, because all the other sponsors I have mentioned only manufactured the items that I paid for, Joe actually bought the 47" 1080i HD LCD SONY Bravia TV with the surround sound system (that I have NO idea how to use) with an Ipod feature AND a 5-disc DVD player. It's RAD! He's awesome! Merry Christmas to me! Now for the stuff I paid for... TV stand, coffee tables, console table, most of the pillows, the lampshade, the lamp and the mercury apothecary jars - Pottery Barn. Clock, floor lamp, blanket basket, vase, curtain rods, little shelf and fireplace screen - Target. Curtains - Cost Plus. Plate??? is that what it is??? - Crate and Barrel. Floor vase - IKEA. Fabulous candlesticks by the TV - Miss Claire Manville, a women of GRAND taste. Orchid - Smith & Hawken. Oh, I think I am done...

Note: Amber, I promise to make Wendy clean her room this weekend so we can post it, I know you're still dying to see it and it's cute!


The last Unicorn said...

Nice work on the couches!!! The room looks so different now that you have something to sit on :) Those actually look super comfy. I think I will have to come over and try them out sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the living room- I had a feeling your couch would be showcased on the blog soon ;)


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Naco said...

You didn't mention that you managed to sqeeze time into your busy schedule for some EXQUISITE cinnamon roll making...F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S.