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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Replica Watches???

So, to say that the SPAM filter at my office sucks, would be a gross understatement.

But, here's the deal, if the name of the sender of the spam sounds legitimate (a.k.a. not like a porn-star name) I pretty much have to open the email, because I keep getting vendors and subcontractors and clients that send me stuff and I never know their names and if I don't open EVERYTHING I seem to miss important documents.

So, obviously, like most people (gender-specific SPAM seems to be obsolete), I get hundreds of SPAM emails offering me cheap Viagra, and the ones to help those sweet little African Kings out by letting them store their millions in my bank account, etc... Annoying as they are, I get how they work for the spammers sending them, because people are not bright or apparently high-functioning after a certain age.

However, by far, the most SPAM I receive comes from people who want me to buy Replica Watches for dirt cheap. Is that really THAT big of an industry??? I am confused by this.

Anyone ever get the replica watch spam?

Anyone ever bought a replica watch? If so, I hate you! But, don't take it personally.

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