To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Google is SO overrated!

So, the other day a friend was telling me that he googles himself all the time... I am not sure why... maybe just to make sure he is staying under the radar or getting good press... I don't get it, he's definitely not famous or anything.

It's a bit egocentric for sure, but I decided to try it.

I have often said that I totally fear any sort of photos (not that I have taken any compromising ones) appearing on the internet. I just know that any that make it into cyber space will clearly look like the ones I take for the ward meat market catalog... which are never pretty! I fear this the same way my sister-in-law fears being filmed from behind as 60-minutes pans the crowd of people for the latest "over 80% of Americans are fat" series. She really does! Good thing she beautiful and tiny, so she's in the clear.

On the other hand, I DID see some frightening photos of me. Turns out the only reason I even appear on google is that I have run a dozen or so half- and full- marathons in the past few years... so you can imagine how hot the images are of me after 4 hours of running... Best thing about it is that before Christmas a few years back the company at the marathon who took the photos (from the ground up, mind you), sent me one in a Christmas-type photo frame requesting that I purchase some to send out for Christmas!!! I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't!

I am siding with Viacom these days... Google is so overrated!

That being said... has anyone else ever googled themselves? I am dying to know which of my friends is the most famous and why.


f*bomb. said...

According to Google:

I am president of a corporate gig where we do lots of charitable stuff (cool) and I'm black and sort of heavy-set.

Then there are a bunch of pictures of me as me from MySpace and professional contacts via the company I really AM president of, Shameless Self-Promotions.

Then I am pictured as a very funny, commitment-phobic 20-something and I write a witty column online about dating. I am (again) black.

At least we're all cool people doing cool things. It must be the name.

Clean Slate said...

I have in fact googled myself. The lastest search reveals that I have run several marathons, most in Alaska. :)
However, there are a few that are really me (several 5Ks) and a document I edited last year.

brooke said...

What does it say about you when the marathons you have run are not even posted and the only thing that actually matches you is a document that shows that you once attended a public hearing to stop a church from moving its fence 5 feet onto someone's lawn? Perhaps I should even deny that and just get a life... I am apparently NOT your most famous friend!

Baker and Jenny said...

Umm Hi.. totally blog stalker here.
I have to say that you inspired me to google myself ( I always thought to google guys I dated, but never myself) only to find a picture of me almost 8 months pregnant in the grotto at Glenn Icy Hot Springs Spa. Seriously? Bathing suit, Belly out covered in green mud. Worst part.. I'm with a bunch of old women whom I don't have a clue who they are.

f*bomb. said...

Whatever. I've SEEN The Box preggers and she is DARLING.

magikero said...

i googled myself but a different person with the same name appeared in the list. boohoo. lol

Ali B. said...

Ladies and gentlemen my blog just got international recognition thanks to my new friend (whom I have never met) "Magikero" who resides in the Philippines! A shout out to you my new friend!

k8 said...

if i google my name plus the last two companies i worked for I can find the real me. but other than that there are alot of folks out there with MY name. Doing weird stuff.