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Monday, May 7, 2007

True Sports Fans...

So my Company has season tickets to EVERYTHING... Lakers, Clippers, Chargers, Angels, Kings, Avengers... it's crazy! But, fun.

I particularly like my new favorite sport... Indoor Arena Football... it's great, we went the weekend before last and there were 2 ejections, 1 fight, and 1 cute little 4-year-old boy shaking his money maker and lifting up his shirt just to get on the jumbo-tran... unfortunately, he never made the cut! Poor little ankle-biter.

On Friday, the girls and I strolled into the Angels game... on free visor Friday... and became true sports fans. This is what I remember of the night...

(1) we were only seated about .24 seconds before some of us got bored and had to leave to get reinforcements from the snack bar.

(2) baseball games are way more interesting when you bring "People" magazine.

(3) people kept cheering off and on, but we didn't really get all the hype... no one scored after our 4th inning arrival.

(4) they did not do the wave, not even once! What the...

(5) Chone does not sound like Shawn or even Sean, yet apparently that is how it is pronounced.

(6) only the people in the cheap seats get free-t-shirt shot to them out of a cannon.

(7) French fries taste way better when served in a baseball helmet for the bargain price of $5, even if they are cold... at least that's what I keep telling myself.

(8) I am pretty sure we didn't watch a single play of the game, we were too busy: buying food, reading People magazine, and watching Lindsey Fife walk up and down the aisles trying to find anyone she knew (without any former knowledge that anyone she knows might be there).

All in all, a great 'girls night out.'

Quote of the night: "I don't want to wear the pants in my relationships, I just want to pick out the pants." - Lindsey Fife


Seymour Glass said...

seriously, if you're just going to hang out and eat cold french fries, give me the tickets so i can go watch my favorite baseball team (or at least bring me along to exaplin why baseball is awesome)...although you all look cuter than me in those visors, so i'll almost give you a pass.

Ali B. said...

Rob, pick your poison, give me some dates and I'll get you your own set of tickets. (Except the Yankees, I don't have that much clout... yet). And, I hate to break it to you... but, we had one extra seat... but, there was NO wave.

f*bomb. said...

That's called "Americana."

Cold french fries in a keepsake plastic baseball helmet.

Seymour Glass said...

i'm absolutely heartbroken. not only could i have convinced all of you that baseball is the ultimate in pastoral sports (see Carlin:

plus, nobody starts a wave like i do. just wait for powderpuff this weekend. you'll think you're at the beach there'll be so much wave action.

Seymour Glass said...

oh, and i think the truest form of americana is the hat that holds two cans (beers if you're not mormon) and feeds you through straws. because isn't the dream of every red-blooded american to be fed through tubes?