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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dude Ranch?!?

I just found out the BEST news ever! My Grandma (whose is 88 years young), just signed up my entire family (extended) to spend a week at a "Dude Ranch!"

I'm not going to lie, I am not entirely sure what a "Dude Ranch" is or how or even if it is different from a regular run of the mill ranch. But, the look on the faces of all my siblings and myself when my mom told us the news, had to be priceless! "Dude Ranch!" "Are you joking?" "No, I am pretty sure she's serious." "Did you tell Adam?" "What do you mean he's excited?" "What IS a Dude Ranch anyway?" "Where is THIS Dude Ranch?" "Southern Utah?" "Is she really serious?!?" "What are we going to do at THIS Dude Ranch?" "No, she can't be serious."

This idea is SO bad, it's brilliant. 75 Brinkerhoffs at a "Dude Ranch!"

Kimmy's girls have been asking me all weekend what a "Dude Ranch" is. I keep telling them that I am not exactly sure, but that there are bound to be horses and cowboys and hay rides. They look so confused!

So, tonight we were in Fort Worth visiting Mimi at work and bumping around the Town Center. The girls got hot chocolate. All of them spilled it! It was 34 degrees! Brrrr.... But, we asked the girls if they wanted to go on a carriage ride through the Town Center! They had Parkas and they were game!

Chloe: Will there be hay?
Ali: No hay, but there are horses pulling the carriage.
Olivia: Yea, horses!
Chloe: Is this like the Dude Ranch?
Olivia: Yea, this will be good practice for the "Dude Ranch", right Ali?
Ali: Sure, Liv, your guess is as good as mine!

~Here's our test shot! Dude Ranch Practice, take 1!~


Brett Fisher - Techno Beat said...

Ranchers get sick of getting up early to milk cows, feed the stock and shovel manure, etc. So, they found a way to market the Dude Ranch. Which basically equates to ranchers getting paid so that others can do their work while they shout commands, shake their heads and snicker on the inside...

Well, that's how the Montana ones work ;) You'll have a great time!

cropstar said...

i'm so jealous. seriously. jealous.

Kari & Matt said...

Hey Ali, I just found your blog through Haley's. So Kimberly's kids don't look anything like I remember them looking. I don't even think I've seen Ethan before...I didn't think I'd been away that long! Anyway, I'm adding you to my blog. We're blog buddies whether you like it or not!