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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost in Translation

"Just when I thought you couldn't get any dumber, you do something like this and totally redeem yourself..."Ok, I MAY have butchered that line from Dumb and Dumber (I LOVE that movie) ... but, you all know what I am getting at here, right.

Man, this whole week I have felt REALLY unintelligent... I mean EXTREMELY so. I think it was Monday that I didn't do anything right at work all day... I mean, I messed up things that a monkey could do! It was a rough day for me. Not enough sleep. Not enough food. Too much running. And, WAY too much to do at work.

So, why not chat with my friends all day on the side! That's easy. They love me. It should esteem me a bit, right? WRONG! Lately nothing makes me feel more unintelligent than G-chat!

I JUST barely learned how to G-chat... and I use the term "learned" loosely. I am laughing so hard, I can barely sit up straight to type this. Seriously, Wendy and I have been at this for a few weeks. Morgan is a pro. And, we SUCK at it.

This is what happened today (and I wish I could say that we're usually better on other days, but we're not. This is par the course.)

Wendy invites us to group G-chat. Wendy always does the inviting, I have NO idea how, and Morgan's computer won't allow her to.

Group Chat #1

Wendy joins the group.
Morgan joins the group.
Ali joins the group.

Morgs starts typing, telling some story about boys that Wendy and I are both thoroughly interested in, but I have already heard.

Wendy joins the group.

What she left??? When???

Morgan: Diz, did you get all that?
Wendy: I didn't get anything! What the???
Morgan: Ok, I'll try it again. Sorry Ali.

AGAIN, Morgs starts typing, telling some story about boys that Wendy and I are both thoroughly interested in, but I have already heard (twice now).

Wendy left group chat.
Morgan left group chat.

I don't think I even typed anything! But, now I am the only one in group chat. And, I don't know how to leave or invite anyone to talk to me. Yikes.

Then I get invited to ANOTHER group chat. So, of course I accept. Now I have 2 group chats open with the same people, only I am the only one in one them. What the... ???

Group Chat #2

Wendy joins the group.
Morgan joins the group.
Ali joins the group.

Wendy: Girls?
Morgan: What just happened? We have two open now?
Wendy: I hate my computer and my internet. Well, I kept trying to chat and it gave me the message "this group chat did not receive your chat". So, I started a new one.
Ali: I LOVE that we keep trying this!

Sure blame the computer AND the internet.

5 minutes later, in an independent just me and Wendy chat...

Wendy: Can somebody help me? I lost you guys.
Ali: I don't know how Diz. Ask Morgs. I have NO idea how to invite you in.
Wendy: It's Ok, I am back now.

Back to Group Chat #2

Morgs continues with the story. Then she stops and types this:

Morgan: Wendy, you have to add Ali, I can't.
Ali: I am in!
Morgan: Perfect.

And, the story continues...

Wendy: I totally agree with Kate, Morgs.
Ali: What did Kate say?
Morgan: I just sent it to you guys.
Ali: When? Where?
Wendy: It's in an email, Ali.
Ali: Oh, Ok, let me read it.

Ali: Just bat your eyes and smile your prettiest smile. Didn't you learn anything from the Little Mermaid?!?
(This is always my advice. And, for the record I am surprised that people still ask my advice, CLEARLY, I don't know what I am doing people! Have you NOT noticed!?!)
Morgan: Oh, OK, I'll try that next time. It's been a while since I've seen it.
Ali: Oh, you should watch it. Did we lose Diz again?
Morgan: I love it! I think she's still here, Diz???


The only thing better than this would be Kate could getting lost with us. Come on Miss Kate. Can't you talk your boss into letting you G-chat??? Look how much fun we have confusing each other all day long!!!

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The Wiltbanks said...

I'm having a blast reading your blog. Thanks for the entertainment, you should charge a fee.