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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Harold & Kumar didn't give up...

I went to Arizona with Holly for the weekend. We had such a blast!

We stayed with my cute cousin Kylee and her roommates Jodi (who was sent from God to make life better with her cooking and make-up artistry) and Meridith (who was actually named Miranda... who knew?!?).

And, Velda (who was also sent from God, but to make life better with her hospitality and sweetness and mothering skills), Jeremy and Tyler took us to Saguaro Lake most of Saturday to wake board and wake surf. I hadn't done either of those for a long time. And, I forgot how fun it is to be in a boat and also behind one! But, I must admit that I am tragically sore! I did alright, for not having practiced much, and when I fell (and I DID fall plenty) I did it in style.
And, of course, I HAD to go to Cafe Rio. It was GOOD! But, I must admit, it tastes better in Vegas and Utah... maybe AZ was just having an off night... because I couldn't possibly be getting over it!

Also, we went to see The Invention of Lying. And, although we were all falling asleep because we're old and we spent the better part of the day on a boat, we all LOVED it. It's funny!

And, we tried something different - Joe's Farm Grill, which Holly saw on the Food Network and which was DIVINE.

But, one of the funniest parts of that trip happened on the way home. Holly and I were looking over the photos of ourselves in bathing suits and we decided that between the two of us, we wanted to spend the next 5 weeks playing "The Biggest Loser".

And, we all know how much I love crazy diet-type contests! If I lose more weight than her, she has to re-design my blog (and she is a graphic designer, so it's going to be pretty in 5 weeks... wait for it ;)). And, although I won't lose, if I do, I have to give her $150 to spend in China. And, although I have the marathon (and the atrophy that is sure to happen after it's over) on my side. She has a lot more free time to exercise (and clean her room), than I do. So, we'll see...
Anyway, we decided to bulk up for the challenge, so we'd weigh more in the morning (and more so because we won't be eating many fun things in the next few weeks). So, I REALLY wanted a Blizzard, random I KNOW. Holly got on her phone and located a few (one in Moreno Valley and another in Redlands). Somehow we got lost... like WAY lost in Redlands... then Loma Linda... then Colton. Somewhere along the way Holly starts telling me about Harold & Kumar, which is apparently a movie (I have never seen) where these two tom foolios are stoned and on a mission to get to White Castle (some hamburger joint). P.S. Holly would like me to interject that she saw this movie on TBS. Anywhoooo... she says that our quest is reminding her of that movie.

Fast forward three cities and 30 minutes later. I say, screw it, I just want to get back on the freeway. Holly shouts "No! Harold & Kumar DID NOT give up." I started laughing so hard I was crying. But, we finally found the Dairy Queen. And, it was inside this really shady place called "Fiesta Village", which was like Boomers or Golf N' Stuff. We got our Blizzards AND we got our photos taken AND we got to go on the Super Slide!The moral of the story being...

1.) Don't let anything shatter a dream (no matter how silly or insignificant it may seem).


2.) Blizzards really aren't THAT good.


Belle said...

oh man, I wish I knew you were coming...We literally live right around the corner form all the places you were at! BUMMER!

Jordan said...

I don't really like Blizzards either BUT you have to try the Banana Cream Pie Blizzard - it's pretty wonderful!! I like that one, but not the others.
Don't even think about it until after your 5 weeks is up!