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Monday, October 26, 2009

Photo Booth Fun!

So, this weekend I got to be the bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding. It was such a blast. And, such an honor. The wedding was beautiful and perfect. I have tons of photos... but, I need to get around to getting them on the blog. Until then, I will upload the pictures taken from the photo booth at the wedding.

Yes, there was a photo booth. And, it goes with the story of Cody and Robin. They got engaged in a photo booth... at the fair... because Robin loves the fair... and photos... and is super sentimental, so to document her getting proposed to, Cody proposed IN the photo booth. I was waiting on the fair grounds to see her on her happy day... and, of course, I had my camera to document the memorable night outside the photo booth.

So, not only was there a photo booth at the wedding to accompany their story, there were also props! That's right. Robin and Cody got to keep a strip of each photo session to document all those who attended the wedding. And, the other strip was give to those in the photos.
Since I was a bridesmaid, I was pretty pre-occupied with my duties. But, I did make it into the booth a few times. And, this was what happened...
Tracy's Girls

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