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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My Celebrity Playlist

Ok, so I am not famous to most people… I get that… or any… I get that. But, this is MY blog… so hopefully all of you at least know me.

In reference to the blog posted on April 3rd… Here are MY musical confessions. In my IPOD:

I DO have Milli Vanilli. "Blame it on the Rain"... 'cause the rain don't mind, and the rain don't care'... What tremendously clever lyrics. Who could knock that song?!? And, the guilt-prone part of me REALLY doesn't want someone to die in vain for a career cut short when the record-player skipped and ended his life in one foul swoop! – I always wondered why the real singers never tried to make it big… a scandalous start like that should have made them an instant draw.

I DO have so many “tween” songs, my roommate and I drummed up enough for a CD for her 4th grade class without even having to buy any new music. Some of these songs are from Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (which I own!), John Tucker Must Die (which I hope to someday own), and Ice Princess (which Cori owns for sure… anything British or Princess-esque, she’s purchased!), Cheyenne Kimball “Holding On”, B*witched “I Will Be There”, and MANY Hilary Duff and Mandy Moore songs.

I DO have Britney Spears “I’m Not a Girl, Not yet a Woman”. I HEART that song. And, I am not even ashamed of it. ‘I used to think, I had the answers to everything, but now I know…’ I even know ALL the words. Plus, it reminds me of one of my dearest friends, Jody Lyman.

I DO have (AND LOVE) Kid Rock, despite the fact that he married Pam Anderson. Maybe he was drunk or stoned… and by maybe, I mean, he probably is 97% of the time. But, “Cowboy” is a RAD song! By the way, I saw them in concert. It’s true. There were cage dancers, who NEVER stopped dancing, even when the band stopped playing, there is a 98% chance they were drunk or stoned.

I DO have various Boy band compilations… really bad ones, BoyZone “I swear”, LFO “Summer Girls”, Paperboy “Ditty” and Bone Thugz N’ Harmony “Ghetto Cowboy”… I AM a little ashamed of most of these, although a few are good to run to.

I DO have songs by Ben Affleck’s exes, Gwenyth Paltrow (what, just because no one saw whatever movie it was that she sang in, doesn’t mean she isn’t good!) and J. Lo ‘… don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got, I am still Jenny from the block…’

I DO have SEVERAL songs from Aqua, namely “Barbie Girl.” – these ARE great running songs. And, it also reminds me of all the women who hang out at Fashion Islands with their 2 pound dogs inside their Prada doggy-purses.


I DO have K-Fed’s rap album.

Ok, I am totally lying about the K-FED album, but now that I take that back, don’t my other selections seem less frightening?!?


Paige said...

It didn't even surprise me that you had K-fed..But i'm a little relieved that you don't. Also I love love love milli vanilli to this day. My cd got stolen in college and I think you should burn me a new one. I sure do miss you! Hey do you still have that shampoo and conditioner? I think I gave you the wrong address before, so I was hoping you still had it instead of it being returned. Let me know and I'll give you my new address...You should give me a sweet blame it on the rain surprise with it.

HannaHighpoint said...

You are brave. I have WHAM! I have a ton of Britney. I even have New Kids on the Block. Bringing back the 80's one band at a time...

f*bomb. said...

I have the entire AQUA album with extended remixes. It's an amazing burn from Isreal and you may borrow it anytime. It is on my playlist for "Kick Out the Jamz" running:

Who cares if Milli and Vanilli lipsynched? A kickin' track is a kickin' track- I really could care less who it came from.

Like I said- BE SHAMELESS!!!

Ali B. said...

Bree, I will trade you some Milli Vanilli for a little NKOTB!

Paigey, I still have your stuff. Email me your address.