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Friday, April 6, 2007

Singled Out!

Today is Good Friday... but, apparently it's only good if you’re a Catholic!

Controller: We are closing the office at 3:00 PM today, for Good Friday.
Ali: Alright, that's nice.
Joe: You have to stay here, you're Mormon. But, the rest of us get to leave early, we have to drag a cross through the town, and that takes a while."
Ali: What?!?

I am pretty sure that's discrimination. But, just in case I am wrong, I hope no one minds that I will be pondering the Catechisms of life through a Catholic vantage point, but only for about half a day.

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f*bomb. said...


Chasing the cross all around the 8 Points in Jerusalem was the hilight of my time there (right next to following around monks. Gosh, I really love them!)