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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Show & Tell

So, I went to Texas for an extended weekend getaway, to see my family and friends. I have so many nieces and nephews there. They are all so cute. My youngest niece, Sarah Jane just turned 1, so we celebrated as she double-fisted her first piece of cake, she’s totally one of us!

Olivia (Age 5, Texas) - Haley (Age 5 - Connecticut) - Chloe (Age 6, Texas)

Anyway, yesterday morning I got a call from my sister Kimberly, she said that my niece Olivia had "Show and Tell" at her pre-school and she had already had a plan for what to bring, but she changed her mind and wanted to bring me instead.

Man, it was a lot of pressure! I got all decked out in a cute outfit and did my hair and make-up. Heaven forbid I embarrass my niece!

When I arrived there was a chair for me in the front of the classroom and about 2 dozen wide-eyed 4- and 5-year-old children. I sat in the chair and my niece came up and linked arms with me and in her cute sweet voice said, “This is my Aunt Ali.” In unison, the class said “Hi, Aunt Ali.” But, Olivia didn't say anything else. She just stood beside me clutching my arm.

Good thing they had questions for me.

Random young boy #1: Um how old are you?
Teacher: It's not nice to ask grown-up women their age.
Random young boy #1: Oh.
(For the record, I would have answered that, I don't care. I mean basically anything over the age of 12 is going to yield me a "wow".)
Random young boy #1: Do you have any kids?
Me: Nope.
Random young boy #1: Well, do you have a husband?
Me: Nope.
Are you kidding me, even toddlers are not immune from wanting to know this???

Random young girl #1: My name is Ali too.
Me: Fantastic.

Random young boy #2: Where do you live?
Me: In California
Random young kids: Where?
Me: REALLY close to Disneyland
Litterally, several jaws dropped. I am pretty sure at this point that I AM the coolest Show and Tell guest ever!

Random young girl #2: What do you do?
Me: Um.... (how do I explain Director of Business Development for a Civil Engineering Firm on a pre-school level???) Well, I work at a company that builds bridges and streets and sometimes buildings.
Kids: Oooh.
Random young boy #3: Did you build the big red bridge in San Francisco.
Me: Well, no.
Looks of confusion and disappointment were rampant and I am pretty sure the little ankle-biters forgot all about my proximity to Disneyland.

Random young girl #3: How did you get here?
Me: On an airplane.
Kids: Wow. Really.
I am pretty sure I reclaimed my status as the coolest Show and Tell guest ever!
Random young boy #4: How long did it take you?
Me: About 4 hours.
Random young boy #5: It takes a long time to get to Spain on a plane. It takes all day and all night. I mean, you have sleep on the plane.
Me: I know. Have you been to Spain?
Random young boy #5: with a quizzical stare, No.
Me: OK.

Teacher: Do you guys know what an aunt is?
Kids: silence
My sister, Kimberly: An aunt is your mom or dad’s sister. Ali was born on my 6th birthday. We're like twins, but 6 years apart in age. She was my 6th birthday present.
Me: Yep.
All the children were thoroughly confused with this concept.

Random young girl #1: My name is Ali too.
Me: OK, noted.


Paige said...

That is super cute. If I had to do that you know I would burst into tears in front of the class..Cuz thats what I do. I cry. When something is cute or sweet or embarrassing..You fill in the blank. They would be really confused at that.

brooke said...

Cute blog! Didn't know you had show and tell on the horizon when you went to game night, did you?

By the way, was Jan able to find a tube large enough for Wentworth to come home with you???

Ali B. said...

Wentworth made it. He's HUGE... but LOVELY! I want to hug him... kiss him... and marry him... But, for now he's in the garage. I am going to present him at his coming out party where he will be adorned by a large red bow for my roommates 28th birthday! Good thing she never really reads this blog!