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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses....

So, I ran the Irvine half marathon last year. I was ridiculously out of shape. But, it's an easy race comparatively, flat surface, perfect weather, nice view, smooth running surface. It was nice. A few friends ran the same race. They passed me at mile 2, but it was still nice to see some familiar faces.

So, I want to run it again this year. I had a goal to run 5 races this year. I ran one, the Augora Hills half marathon. It's August. So, I have revised my former goal (as I usually do) and now I just want to run two.

So, I rallied the guys (and the few females) who work with me to try to get a team together. My boss said he'd sponsor us. (Not that we need one, it only costs around $30). I got a few people who were game to do it. But, mainly I got excuses. They were funny!

#1 - Joe
Ali: Hey do you want to run a half marathon with us in December?
Joe: How long is a half marathon, 5 miles?
Ali: A little more.
Joe: 6 miles?
Ali: Well, actually it's 13.1.
Joe: I am busy that day.
Ali: I didn't even tell you what day it was!
Joe: I am busy all of December.

#2 - Jonathan
Ali: Hey do you want to run a half marathon with us in December?
Jonathan: Do they have smoke breaks during the race?
Ali: Sure.
Jonathan: how long is a half marathon?
Ali: It should only take a few hours.
Jonathan: But, how many meters?
Ali: Meters? I don't know, who runs in meters? It's 13.1 miles.
Jonathan: No way. The most I ever ran was 8.
Ali: That's good. You can do it, you have 3 months to train. The race isn't until December.
Jonathan: Oh, I have from now until December and all I have to do is run 13.1 miles. That's fine, I could probably run 13 miles by December. I'll let you know when I am finished with them, might even be November.
Ali: You are a sorry excuse for a Marine.

#3 - Nick
Ali: Hey do you want to run a half marathon with us in December?
Nick: How many miles is that?
Ali: 13.
Nick: I can't, I am handicapped.
Ali: What? Since when?
Nick: It's been about 3 years now.



Vanilla Vice said...

Ali, I'll pull a Lindsey and show up and not run. How's that? said...

I bet I could run 13.1 miles if I started today. I think that I could get it done tomorrow and not by November though.

You work with very funny people!!!