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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thoughts on Tennis

I played tennis last night and I have to say I am UNNATURALLY sore. Why? I don't get it. I am no good. I barely even moved. And, it's my butt that is SO sore. I really am confused. My butt? I don't even remember bending at all or anything.

But, anyway I have a few thoughts on tennis.

(1) If you are a guy and you want to look like Andre Agassi, just play against me. I made 4 really talented tennis players look like Wimbledon champs last night... well, with a little help from Wendy, Robin and Cori.

(2) Tennis apparently has different rules than racquetball... which, I am also no good at.

(3) There are no home runs in Tennis... which sucks, because I think I broke Barry Bonds record last night! Which brings me to my next point...

(4) They really DO need to consider lengthening the court... but only on the opponents' side, I can't imagine the soreness I would actually feel if the court were larger... and I was willing to actually move.

(5) The best parts of tennis are:

a. I get to dress up like a Tenenbaum, with a pink tennis skirt and little Lacoste Mary Janes;
b. I get to go to "the club" and practice on Saturday... and by practice I mean wear my Tenenbaum outfit for free lunch at the Newport Country Club courtesy of my friend Robin (well actually, Robin's dad); and
c. Post-game Reward - America's cup... well worth the pain (and humiliation).


Paige said...

I love tennis although i haven't played since Jeffy guy moved away. The funny thing is that I almost bought a tennis skirt yesterday because it was cute, not because I actually need one or even have a tennis racket. There is something about getting cute to go play tennis that I love. Oh, I just remembered I did play last year. So maybe I should go get the skirt.

Brian said...

That was fun... I was really sore the next morning, too.